Ok, so I’ve been saying for a while now, SEO has changed but what does it take to get your website found online 2014?

Well, my lead SEO (Steve Ovens) recently recorded a short 15 minute video to show you what are the important SEO ranking factors for 2014. I only posted it on YouTube a couple of days ago and I’m already getting great feedback on it. It’s clear, to the point, and explains how Google works.

It really is a must watch: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJELPAbhixs

Do that first, and once you’ve watched it, here are the news items I spotted over the past week:

Google’s Matt Cutts: Feel Free To Use The Disavow Tool Even Without A Manual Action {I can’t believe they’re changing stance again!}

The Superhuman Guide to Keyword Research and Competition Analysis {good}

New G+ comment system on YouTube {Google’s grip on G+ tightens}

The Future of Search – TED talk {excellent, recap of history}

65% of Marketers to Produce 10+ Videos for Marketing Purposes in 2013 [Report] www.reelseo.com/65-marketers-produce-10-videos-marketing-purposes-2013-report

What Conversion Rate Optimization Experts Often Forget About: The Customer Lifecycle

Unlock Secrets To Increase Conversion Rates {important}

And how about our news?

#1. Adrian from the Melbourne Video Production team has made it into Tropfest 2013 as a top 16 finalist. We’re so proud to have him as part of the team and wish him all the best. Tropfest is the worlds largest short film festival.

#2. Recently we sponsored WordPress Australia’s PressJam – a charity event to get websites built for not-for-profits within a weekend.

#3. Please note: my personal coaching is currently full. Since I only have one coaching day per week (Wednesday) I’m actually quite limited to the clients I can work with at any one point in time. If you’re keen, please register your interest and we’ll add you to the waiting list. I only recommend this since in the new year (due to demand) we’re increasing the coaching price by $500 p/m. That said, we always honour the original price for those on the waiting list. Anyway, just a heads up. You can find out more about my personal coaching service here.

#4. For existing clients, please note: Jillian is having a week and a half off starting next week so during this time please direct any support queries through to Melissa (customer support) or Sally (accounts).

That’s it for now.

Your Online Marketing Coach,

We’re so excited about Adrian being a finalist in Tropfest! And the story gets better, he crowd funded the film on Pozible! It’s got to be the first crowd funded Tropfest finalist. We’re lucky to have him as part of the Melbourne Video Production team. Here’s a media photo before the film airs on SBS.

Adrian at Tropfest

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