Anything in life worth doing takes time & effort.

I hear people all the time, in forums and on blog posts, saying that SEO is free. Sadly this couldn’t be further from the truth.

People seem to get confused when they compare SEO solutions and PPC. They think SEO might be free since you don’t have to send a cheque to Google, but the fact is, it still takes time and money to learn and implement. Sure it represents the best ROI for your marketing dollars but it’s far from free.

So what’s the best way get started?

There are few different ways SEO can be done, 1.) You can learn it yourself; 2.) Hire your own team member to do it; 3.) You can leave it to the professionals – like us 🙂

Whichever way you look at it, SEO takes a lot of time and effort to stay on the cutting edge. The search engines are constantly changing; every week there seems to be new changes to the algorithm. You need to absorb yourself in the SEO space to stay on top.

Another bit of advice, don’t let SEO fall into the hands of your IT department. Typically web designers only think about making a site look “pretty” and don’t give SEO techniques a second thought. It’s important to recognize that, sure you can have a good looking site but unless you’re getting visitors to it, it’s not worth anything. Obviously SEO is key.

Your SEOers should be able to talk to the web designer to make sure the site is appropriately set up with the right URL structures, that it’s spiderable, that there isn’t too much Flash and that you can edit title tag and meta description… that’s just about it. That’s the extent to which the SEOer needs to chat with the web designer. SEO really is a job unto itself.

Another warning: Even though SEO represents the best ROI for your marketing dollars, and I know this might sound funny coming from an SEO company, don’t use SEO solutions exclusively. You should integrate it with other advertising methods too. The fact is, if you want to build a business that lasts, you need more than one channel of driving traffic.

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