It has just been over a week since I came back. The Philippines was a blast and theSEOmethod3 was perhaps my best SEO training workshop yet. The feedback was nothing short of amazing and I couldn’t help but blush when watching some of the video testimonials.

Anyway, for those who missed it, stay tuned we should have the recording available for download very early Jan 2013.

But I digress, this post is about the Small Business Internet Marketing Weekly – where we summarise news and helpful links for small/medium sized business owners.

Here’s what I spotted this week:

Google Panda update data refresh is rolling out {with the SEOmethod3 you’re safe}

How and when to diversify your anchor text {important post Penguin}

Should Google use link disavow as a ranking signal {don’t use it, unless you have to}

How Google treats sitewide links {from Matt Cutts}

On page SEO for ecommerce sites {good tips}

What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us {I’ve downloaded this but not listened yet}

Online video market in Australia explodes with opportunity {I told you}

Top 10 YouTube channels {can you learn any lessons from these channels?}

How to design for maximum conversion {you need to test more on your sites}

The 4-Hour Chef publishing first {Tim Ferriss’ new book}

Buyral – make your videos go viral {how ‘not’ to make your videos viral}

Generous Store {you need marketing like this}

And what about our news?

We’ve started ramping up our split testing on the homepage of Melbourne SEO Services to increase opt-ins. Have you seen the new layout? What do you think?


I’ll share with you the results in the coming weeks.

We’re running a new workshop in Melbourne on the 12th and 13th of February so keep that date free! It’s the Outsource Profit Machine 2 and a day on Remarketing and Analaytics – I’ll post more details shortly.

Finally, I wanted to ask, do you have any suggestions on how I might better serve you? I’m a firm believer in the fact that, if you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want.

So how can I help you? All you have to do is ask.

Your SEO Coach,

Ps. Did you see my “travel the world” video yet? It’s the most expensive video we have made (if you factor in the travel costs): www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1nSy1s7kfs

PPs. Here’s a photo from the SEO Method 3 workshop – if you’d like to see a few more, just friend me on Facebook.

It’s our best SEO Method yet!

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