Here’s the Small Business Internet Marketing Weekly – giving you some SEO updates that summarises news and helpful links for small/medium sized business owners.

Another week, another round of changes by Google – looks like we’re starting to see a pattern. Half baked SEO campaign doesn’t quite cut it anymore… but we already knew that 😉

Here’s what we spotted this week:

Unnatural link warnings and blog networks {if you missed it}

Article Ranks’ shares their thoughts on the recent Google slap

Article Marketing Automation’s comments on the latest Google slap

Author rank might be a new key Google ranking factor {get up to speed}

Did you see Google Play? {Google trying to muscle in on Apple}

The definitive guide to wordpress SEO {super solid advice}

Heard of Pinterest yet? Here are some how tos {worth watching}

63 Free (almost free) ways to market business {some ideas for you}

How to improve CTR in serps {sometimes better than building more links}

We use Dropbox – perfect for virtual teams or if you work on multiple computers


SEO is far from dead – you just need to get evolve. I’m finishing up a report that should keep you on track. Watch out for that. In the meanwhile, leave your thoughts at the comments section below.

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