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Video Transcript: For us, the way that I’d do it for a small to medium sized business is firstly you want to identify what your top products and services are. I’ll give you an example for the printing client. There are a couple of clients who I’ve chatted with and they don’t mind me talking a little bit about their business, so that’s typically why I’m focusing on a couple of those. We’ll find out what the most competitive phrase relevant to the site optimisation for that particular business.

Let’s say printing is a good example or print broker or flyer printing or something like that. What are the real chunky keywords that are very competitive, that chances are it’s going to take a little bit of effort to start ranking. How much effort do you think it would take to rank number 1 for the keyword printing? It’s going to be a little bit of work on how to do keyword research.

So we start off with those most chunky ones but then what we do is we just add on the geographic modifier of your area. So for us, obviously Melbourne, I’m going to start off with Melbourne first because we’ve had a little bit of experience with this and we can go after some of the more competitive phrases. Then we start to go for the suburbs as well, so then we can go dentist Toorak, dentist South Yarra, dentist Prahran and start targeting all of those different phrases around those areas.

So for you guys, you might not go to Toowoomba, potentially, depending on what your product or service is, you might target Brisbane. Probably there are going to be more people searching Brisbane than there is Toowoomba, or you might have a good mix of both. The real key is start off by getting those really big phrases first and then start to add your keyword modifiers.

Now the way that you find the phrases is you head over to the Google Keyword Tool. You just search in Google free keyword tool or use one called Market Samurai. Having known the guys behind Market Samurai because they’re based down in Melbourne as well, they are really good dudes, super sharp, they know their material inside and out and they make keyword research for site optimisation really easy.

For ninety-five percent of work, you don’t need to make it any more difficult than it needs to be. You can just head over to Google and I’ll show you how to do keyword research. So let’s just say we’d come over to here and let’s have a look. So just google the Google free keyword tool. Click on the first result. Now this is just related to AdWords so if you’re not familiar with AdWords that is the paid advertising round the side. They give you this tool to help you find which keywords that you want to bid on.

Let’s just type in printing and search. You can start to see, there are a whole lot of little categories here. You can see how many monthly searches there are for those particular phrases. Usually what I like to do, I’ll sort it by the most searched. That way I can see the most searched because I usually start off with the most aggressive. I just work my way down. I’ll say well, something like screen printing or printing press or something like that, you need to think about what the business is that you’re working with obviously. I’m not going to go after screen printing if the business doesn’t have a product that offers screen printing.

So find out what those big phrases are first and then once you’ve done that, just add your geographic modifier. That’s how you do keyword research for small and medium sized business that is geographically located.

So we give the example there printing services Melbourne. So this guy offered printing services so that was one of the first phrases that we went for for his home page. I usually like to go for phrases as well and it’s all done by design, I like to go for phrases where I can first rank for that less competitive phrase. Then I can go for the smaller version and then the smaller version.

For example, printing services Melbourne, let’s rank for printing services Melbourne first. Then once we get ranked for that one, we can still rank the same page for printing services. Then once we get printing services, then we rank for printing. So that way we can keep chunking down. I’ll show we the way that we optimize these pages once you know what keywords that you’re looking to target.

Once you do that though we can use the same page to target the same keyword. There’s a general rule you don’t target more than one keyword per page.

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