Did you enjoy this video on counting site visits? Want more internet marketing tips for your small business? Click here for more details. Video Transcript: Some things you might want to keep an eye on though, you can have a look at the number of visitors, you definitely want to watch. Have a look at the referrers. This is just Google Analytics, you can have a look, where are the people coming from? Most people don’t focus on where they’re strong. They focus on where they’re weak. This goes across the board. Most people think to get better, it’s better off to find where are the holes? Often times they’ll try and plug some holes as opposed to trying to build up where it is that they’re strong. I like to, for example, for referrers, look at, well, I’m driving the most amount of my traffic, a good chunk of my traffic is coming from Google organic search. Another good chunk of the traffic is coming from YouTube. Ok, well now I’m just going to focus eighty percent of my effort into doing organic search and YouTube because it’s working for us and we try and make it work a little bit better. You can also have a look at bounce rate. I gave you some rough numbers. It really depends on the industry. It’s very hard to give you set numbers. Some people can have higher than 40% bounce rate. That means ever hundred people who land on your website, forty of those are just going to disappear straight away and never come back to your website. So it’s a good metric to watch to see what can you do to reduce your bounce rate. How can you make your website more sticky? Video is great because it is a way, once they get engaged, it’s much harder for them to disconnect than if they were just reading. It’s the same with time on page. It can vary. I think some of my sites might have five minutes on page on average but that’s because I’ve got a video that goes for twenty minutes and people start and then they get hooked in. Some other sites where we’re doing some slightly more aggressive SEO work on where we’re going for keywords that might not be a direct fit for the person that we’re looking for, sometimes the bounce rate is quite high because they get to the page and they say, oh, it’s not quite what I was expecting. They hit the back button and go back to Google. So you need to obviously take these numbers into account based on what pages you’re looking at. Also conversion rates after looking at site visit statistics. Conversion rates are absolutely key in counting site visits. Try and target around, I think at the moment for Melbourne SEO, the free report I think it might be opting in at about 18%. So 18% of the traffic is jumping in for the free report. See what you can do to increase your opt ins. Also sales. People talk about sales letters converting at 2% and things like that. It just so happened with the example I showed you for Ultimate Trading Systems had a 2% conversion rate. Of all of the traffic that went to the website, 2% of the people actually picked up the phone and placed an order for UTS actually went ahead and purchased the product. It really depends. Some of these numbers, it depends on where the traffic is coming from as well. Someone searching on Google is probably going to be highly more qualified than someone searching on YouTube. If I’m in over at Google and I’m typing it in, chances are I’ve got a problem I want solved. I’m looking for dentist Melbourne. I’ve got bad teeth and I need to go see a dentist to make sure that I get that problem solved. So that’s going to convert a lot higher than maybe someone searching on YouTube looking at a video of teeth extraction or something like that. I hope you have learned a thing or two with this easy guide on counting site visits in website analytics and using this to your business advantage. If you want me to help you out with your small biz online marketing campaigns, you may want to look at my consulting services. Click here.

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