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Video Transcript: That’s using offline media. Now I want to talk a little bit about using online small business press releases and the way that you can get exposure to what it is that you’re doing online. Offline media, what I’ve just talked about there is probably going to get you published in magazines and newspapers and that type of thing. What I’m going to talk about here, really the strength is building the back links back to your website and getting traffic to your website.

There are some different distribution services and the one we use is PRWeb. When we’re doing a particular promotion, we did it for Old Spice, we did it for Google versus Yellow Pages, we did it just recently for the client with that print calculator and it’s a fantastic way for getting loads and loads of back links.

You submit your article or your press release through to this service and then this service distributes it out to thousands upon thousands of other websites around the internet. You just write up your press release, it’s exactly the same thing that I was talking about before. Try and find your hook and then you try and write your story. The Google versus Yellow Pages, I showed you the results that we were getting from that. It was fantastic.

As far as the back link benefits, and this comes back to, remember when we were talking about SEO and I said it’s all about building good quality back links from a variety of different sources? Online press releases through PRWeb is one of the best ways of building back links.

So here is this Google versus Yellow Pages survey. Now, I put it in quotes so that way you could see how many results came up. Now we posted this, that’s old, 7th April, 2010, so what’s that? It’s well over a year ago now, easy. When we first did it, it actually had, you can see in the top left hand, it says there are about 502 results. The reason I put it in quotes was to show specifically how many pages referenced those exact words. That was the title of my press release.

So I know my press release has been distributed that many times. When I first did it on launch, we had over 10,000 references, so it got distributed out over to 10,000 different websites, all of them or most of them linking back to my website, all of those good quality links coming back to my site. Over time, like I said, it’s well over a year old now and Google will start to remove things from the index. The same press release got pushed out everywhere, so they start to combine some together and say, this is not so important.

The moral of the story is, we’re still, well over a year and a half ago or thereabouts now and I’ve got 502 results still in the search engines now. It’s like I’ve got over 502 quality back links that are still there after all of this time. So it’s a great way for building those good back links. I’ve got down there, you can see the Google versus Yellow Pages was great for us. We got almost 15,000 views.

We also used the strategy when we did the Old Spice commercial. We deliberately started talking about SEO and we talked all about on page optimization for a reason. Once you know those strategies it applies in everything you do online. So when I posted a video, I talked about selecting your right keyword, making sure it’s in the right place, your title tag, your description, your tags and making sure the keyword is in the right place.

It’s the same thing with press releases. When you write a press release, figure out what your keyword is, put it in the title tag, put it in the description, put it throughout the content. It’s exactly the same. Onpage optimization is the same. By doing that you can actually rank very quickly and very easily using PRWeb and then using the onpage optimization strategies I taught you earlier to rank number 1 on Google for Google News.

Google News is often where a lot of reporters go when they’re looking for content. So if you came up with something, if there was a breaking news item, I was talking to Amanda briefly in the break, she’s in the construction industry, so if we think about what’s going on in the construction industry, maybe there is some big construction news. Amanda then writes a press release, tries to coat tail what that current story is and then rides in the slipstream of it.

Then she does the onpage optimization that I talked about, she gets number 1 on Google for Google News for that particular phrase. Then all of the other reporters out there who are thinking I want to write an article about this construction topic that is going on right now, but I don’t want to do the same old tired one. Then Amanda has got an article in there that happens to put a unique spin on it. Then they’ll contact her and she could potentially get media coverage that way.

So it’s a great strategy and using PRWeb and then the onpage optimization will get you number 1 on Google. It’s really ridiculous how easy that is.

So how to write one? Find that angle I talked about. The other thing you want to do is, it’s not about you. Don’t sit and write a press release article that’s all about you and how great you are. You have your contact information down the bottom. What is a press release’s purpose? A press release’s purpose is to presell the media person that they want to talk to you because you’re an expert on that particular area. The selling of you happens down in the resource box, down the bottom, the buyer when they want to contact you.

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