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Video Transcript: Let me do my final story because everybody likes a good story and then we’ll finish up. I just wanted to finish up similarly to the way I started telling a little bit of a story. I wanted to tell you about attending this Billionaire in Training boot camp. You remember I was saying this was the workshop that I ended up attending while the whole MCG debacle was going on.

I was up there and I think there is something to be said for attending workshops where it’s complete submersion. When you go into a workshop where it’s for five days and you start at dawn, I think we started at 6AM and then we went through to 11 o’clock at night and we did it every day. I think we started off by doing Tai Chi out on this golf course because we were staying in some five star hotel. I should know the name of it because it is actually on the Gold Coast and you guys would know it. So we stayed there and then we played volleyball in the afternoon.
I’ll tell you about the volleyball story because there are a lot of interesting lessons that came out of that. It’s funny getting submerged in this I have a new understanding of the way cults work. You could imagine, I think the way cults work, you go into an enclosed area and as time progresses you slowly do more and more outrageous things as time passes.

On the first day you were getting comfortable with it. Then on the second day, they started to make suggestions to you that you should start each day declaring what it was that you are. I am David Jenyns, I am an entrepreneur, I’m going to achieve this. You start off thinking that in your mind. Day three they suggested that you stand on the edge of your balcony and scream it out at the top of your voice out the edge of your balcony. I think that ended up annoying all of the other people who were attending the resort as well.

It was quite funny in the morning at 6AM you had two hundred people all attending this workshop out on their balcony screaming out, I am an entrepreneur, real craziness. The further you got into this rabbit hole and you started going down into it, you started to almost break yourself out of your comfort zone. You start to do things that you weren’t normally going to do.

It’s funny, I think you very much underestimate what it is that you can achieve. We were starting early in the day, pushing ourselves really hard all the way through and finishing at 11 at night. We did that for five days straight. I really think you’re underestimating what it is you can achieve in your business over a very short time frame. I think that was one of the big key takeaway messages that Brad Sugars was trying to put into that message.

If you can do what we did in five days, imagine doing that over the next twelve months and funneling all of that energy into your business as long as you’ve got that clear focus. One of the things that he did as well, he talked about this idea that the way that you respond in games is a great indicator as to the way that you respond in life when certain things happen.

The whole weekend, it was like I said, it was orchestrated. It was like Master of the Puppets. One of the things that we did was he set up early on, we were going to play a volleyball game. So he broke us up into teams and this is how he broke up the day. The workshop was all about wealth creation. But I said we started off doing Tai Chi and then we yelled off the edge of our balconies and then we went and sat in these seminars that lasted from 9am.

You think today was a full on day, we were going til 11 o’clock at night. He wanted to demonstrate that what happens in life gets replicated in these games. So when he divided us up into groups, one of the first things that happened, they said, ok, I want you to come up with who is going to be the leader of the volleyball team or the captain for the volleyball team.

For me, we were there and this was very early on, it was only day one or day two when they assigned us to these groups. They asked around, who is going to be the captain? Everybody said, Dave is going to be the captain, Dave is going to be the captain. It was funny, at that time I didn’t feel like I was ready to step up. I was only twenty, twenty-one at the time because it was around that MCG time. I didn’t realize that, was I ready to be a leader? Was I ready to step up? I don’t think you ever really know that you’re ready. I don’t think you’re going to get that feeling where you say, oh, now is the time for me to really step up. I was sort of forced into it.

I didn’t think I was ready but we started having these training sessions. I didn’t know how to train volleyball. I don’t know anything about volleyball. After the first training session, I was walking back to my room and I just happened to overhear another guy. They broke us all into groups and everybody nominated their own coach. This particular volleyball group was still training. I walked by and I overheard that this guy was a volleyball coach. He’d coached the Australian Olympic volleyball team and he happened to be at this workshop.

I hung around. I caught that in the back of my mind and I just thought, I’ll wait here til he finishes up. He finished talking to his group and they all went and I said, can I borrow you for a sec? I pulled him aside and asked him for some pointers. He gave me a few tips. One of the tips he said, you want to create rituals for yourself. He said, all peak performing athletes have these rituals that they perform.

For example, when you look at a tennis player, sometimes what a lot of tennis players will do, at the end of each point, what you’ll see them do is, they’ll turn their back from the net. They swap the hand that they’re holding the racquet in and then they’ll walk away. What does that do? In their mind they’ve set up this ritual, it gets them to disconnect from that point, they’ve swapped the racquet, it gives their hand a chance to recuperate. Then when they get to the end, turn around, swap back, ready to go for the next point.

It’s the same with the volleyball player. He was saying, just before he does a serve, they’ll come out, they’ll throw the ball up and you’ll see them, they’ll slap the ball. I don’t know if you’ve seen the volleyball players do that, they smack it really hard. It gets them in state. It’s like a ritual that they’ve done over and over, so that way it almost puts them back into the moment when they’re at peak performance. They’ve trained their mind to know that when I do that, this is a ritual and a rhythm and a routine that I’ve done a million times before.

So an interesting lesson when it comes to grabbing small business opportunities. You might start to think about, how can I create rituals and the way that you do business to make sure that you do things on a repeatable basis to make sure that you’re optimized and operating at a peak performance.

The other thing that he did, because he gave me three pointers, he said, you want to assign team members to different roles. One person was the person who stands right up next to the net underneath. Their job, he told them what their job was, to make sure they tapped the ball over at just the right time. Because they were up front, they only did it gently, whereas the person up the back, their role wasn’t to hit it over the net, their role was to make sure that they hit the ball forward and get it closer to the net so that you get it closer to the person who is either going to just tap it over or spike it over. So make sure that you assign the roles to the right people.

The final one which was really important as well was to make sure that communication was absolutely key. You want to make sure that you communicate really well with your team. When they were going for shots, you’d call it out, you’d say, yes, this one’s mine, just so the team knew what is going on.

A few of these lessons, it’s funny the way that, now that I start to think about it, how important they are in life. That idea of the game echoes what happens in life. Communication I’m finding, especially with my Filipino team how important it is to make sure that you communicate really well, especially when you’re working in a team environment sharing really interesting small business ideas. We ended up training every day as we led up into the final play off day.

I remember the play off day quite vividly. Brad Sugars started off by bringing out $10,000 in $20 wads. He just had $1000 in little wads and he had ten of them. He had a whole bunch of cash. Then he put it out next to the volleyball thing and he said, you’re playing for $10,000 now. There was a little bit of competition there, we were playing for money and this was real money. Granted he probably charged us all $4000 or $5000 a ticket so $10,000 really wasn’t that much considering how much money he would have made from the whole workshop.

The play off began and we did really well. It was great to get that coaching. It’s important that you get a coach and a mentor who can show you what it is that you need to do to grow. I moved through the finals and we did really well as a team. We got near the end and we ended up just getting beaten by the better team. The guy who was the Olympic volleyball coach, his was the team that actually ended up winning. We didn’t play against him.

You should have seen, he had this amazing massive serve that he would do. It would just crush absolutely everyone. It was like his move. I think it was because no one else had played volleyball and he had, so he just had this serve, it was like an unfair advantage. You’d just sit there and go bang, and hit it and it would go fifty meters up in the air. Then it would just come back on the other side right in the back left hand corner, like he’d done it a million times before. No one could end up returning it. He ended up winning.

I remember taking away a few key lessons from that. I remembered firstly, it was really good, we played as a team, it pulled us all together and the importance of needing a coach. Everything that you’ve learned up until now that we’ve gone through, even if you execute it really well, you’re not necessarily going to get it right first time. It takes time and effort. Like I said, building a business is hard work and making sure that everything is all lined up. You might try a few times and you might not succeed, that’s just part and parcel of it all.

So you need to be prepared for that and just know that once you get everything set up, you get clear on what your vision is. I didn’t get into any of the woo woo material at the start of the day. Get clear on what it is that you’re going after, then make sure that your business map is going to help you achieve those goals.

There is no point building up a business that is centred around you. Maybe you want to live a life where you can go away on holidays for six months of the year or something like that. But if you build a business that is all built around you, you’re not going to do that. Know upfront what it is that you’re trying to build and you will get there much quicker.

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