Get your small business web marketing news here where I share with you the little gems of wisdom I found around the internet to help with your small/medium sized business.

So, let’s get cracking – here’s what I spotted this week:


12 surprising A/B test results {you must always be testing}

Google meta keywords tag for news {we’ve always said this is best practise}

How to prepare for author rank {start raising your profile and become a market leader}

People increasingly turning to social over search {this trend will increase}

Google anatomy {telling words from Google about Google Plus}

iPhone 5 launches {model what’s working – what can you learn from this?}

Audible saved me as a platinum subscriber {smart marketing}

Business fail by Melbourne city council {make things easy for your clients}


And what’s new with us?…

#1. I’ve started posting my holiday travel marketing tips. You can watch the second one here (Salzburg, Austria): www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwwhiEQ3ih0

And the first one was with Airbnb.com in London while the Olympics were on:

#2. I’m keen to run a little experiment and I need 3 volunteers 🙂 Basically I want to buy you a copy of Site Build It (http://www.sitesell.com/sbi3.html) and coach you through setting up your online business.

In exchange, I want to be able to film the process and – if we make you an outrageous success – I want you to become my raving fan. I want the most amazing testimonial and case study ever!

Sounds like a fair swap? If you’re interested, submit a ticket at www.davesupports.com and I can tell you a little more about it.

#3. I’m thinking about running the Outsource Profit Machine #2 workshop right here in Melbourne next year – early February. I just wanted to get some indication on numbers so if you’d be interested to attend, please email me back and say “yes – I’d love to come to the OPM”. You can find out more about the first one here:


That’s it for now, remember I’m here to help – all you have to do is ask.

Your SEO Coach,


Ps. Did you see my latest coaching case study?
If you’re looking for help, I think you’ll enjoy watching this.

In the video, I mentioned that we went out to dinner to the oldest restaurant in London (Rules). I really hope one day soon you and I can share dinner and ideas.

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