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Video Transcript: How do I use each of the different tools? So Twitter, the way that I use Twitter for me, it’s all about engaging with clients, having very quick communication. Twitter is where I inform them about what is going on. So I’ll re tweet material. If you were following me onTwitter, there’s my Twitter there but last night when I rocked up in Toowoomba I said, I’m pumped about giving the Competition Crusher workshop tomorrow. That’s what I use it for. I use it for sharing industry news.

The other thing as well, some people do follow. If anyone follows you, they’ll follow them back. I tend not to do that. I took this lead from Ed Dale, this idea of the reason I use Twitter, I want to use Twitter the way it was designed. I follow people who I want to keep in touch with. I mainly use it for internet marketing.

You’ll use it for your industry if there are industry people who are on Twitter in your space. I’ll follow the people I want to keep up to date with the news that they’re breaking. I won’t follow back the people who follow me. But I’ll very much engage with them though. If people, they call it at reply. If people write the @ symbol and then my name it’s like they’re talking to me and then I’ll talk back to them. That’s the way that I use Twitter. I think that’s the way it was meant to be used rather than following everybody back. If you start to use that, for me, Twitter is good. The other thing that is quite useful, you can do Twitter searches. You can find out what conversations are going on. Then you can join that conversation. So you can do searches, let’s say someone was talking about construction, you can do searches on Twitter for discussions about construction, find out where the conversation is
and then join that discussion.

Now this comes back to what social media is all about. Social media marketing campaign, it’s not all about pitching your product, it’s not all about, here’s what I’m trying to sell. It’s like you’re in a party and you first need to engage with them, have a conversation before you start pitching whatever it is that you’re looking at doing.

So don’t just get onto Twitter and then spam every second day, here’s my latest offer, here’s my latest offer. No one is going to want to follow you, on one is going to want to engage with you. So that’s why you want to make sure that you start to disseminate that news so that people want to follow what it is that you’re doing, to stay on that cutting edge.

Then how do you use Facebook Pages? Now for Facebook Pages, you can set up your own Facebook profile and that’s what I did when I first started. Sally is going to get started on Facebook really soon. I set up my own personal Facebook account for davidjenyns.com. In the early days I would friend anyone. So this is before I jumped on using Pages, particularly with all my trading guys, I’d say, yes, come and join my over on Facebook.

The reason I did that, it was well before they even had Pages but I did it from a bonding level. I wanted them to see the lifestyle that I was leading. It was all about posting up photos of things that I was doing, cool things, so that they could sit there and they’d see what was going on in my life and bond with me at a very different level to what they were getting in the emails. It was much more personal, so it was more connecting with me.

I did that initially and I think looking back now, I want to keep Facebook more for people that I know. It’s quite good for friending people who you actually know and then you log in and see your activity feed, see what’s going on and engage with them that way. Then use things like Pages for more of your public persona or a business name or something like that.

For Melbourne SEO we ended up setting up the SEO Mastermind. The reason I went for the word SEO Mastermind as opposed to Melbourne SEO Services is who wants to become friends with a company? You’ve got people out there who like Coca Cola and things like that but I wanted them to feel like they were joining a mastermind group, a community. That’s what Facebook is all about, it’s about that community. That’s why I chose that name SEO Mastermind as opposed to Melbourne SEO Services. I want them to join with me and know it’s not just about me pitching, it’s about me bonding with them through a social media marketing campaign.

This comes back to this idea about why are people using Facebook. This is where so many people get it wrong. They’re using Facebook to spam a little thing they might have done. Sometimes it’s good to add in your blog posts and things like that. But it might be making an offer, making an offer.

People don’t go on Facebook to get pitched offers. They go to engage in a community and see what friends are up to and discuss the latest gossip, that type of thing. What do we do for Planet 13? If a band is about to tour in Australia, we’re not saying, hey, go buy this band t-shirt. We’re saying, did you see such and such is touring, are you going to this gig? The last time that we saw such and such touring, Guns ’n Roses, the last time they were here, I saw them in ’89 or whatever the case may be.

That’s the way that we’re using it and engaging in a community fashion where we’re talking about what is going on and having a discussion as opposed to just pitching offers. Then every now and then you’ll splice in your offers.

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