A few more days and counting till the holidays. Keep pushing all the way to the end!

Heck, I’m still finishing up consults, running interviews for a new position on the team, getting the team clear on what they’re doing over the break (for those working through), booking in work for the new year and even collecting case studies.

How about you?

I actually think that last item is perhaps one of the most important. Most business owners miss it, yet it’s the “proof” you can deliver on all the promises made in your marketing. Collecting testimonials, reviews and case studies should be a core part of the way you do business!

When working with clients it’s also a constant reminder to focus on their needs, wants and goals. It also gives great insight into how to improve your products and services. And ultimately, if you help your clients achieve their goals, you’ll end up achieving yours.

So, take my advice, book in a time to ask some of your very best clients for their feedback! And if you’re not too sure what to ask them, here’s a recent example I recored with an SEO client (a Sydney accountant):

Listen in, take note of the questions I ask, and then model this in your own business. Trust me, “collecting the proof” can be one of your biggest competitive advantages and your secret weapon in 2014.

Ok enough about that, here’s what I spotted in the news this week:

The 12 Best Social Media Marketing Tips of 2013 {social is important for 2014}

Excellent example of Hum37 Experts Share Their Most Actionable Link Building Tip {I added a new tip} www.digitalphilippines.net/link-building

Google Penalties Get More Severe For Repeat Offenders {time to start doing good SEO}

The Short Answer To Every Matt Cutts Video {good SEO resource}

Excellent example of Hummingbird-like query {important change to SEO}

Three Steps for Crushing Multi-Location Local Search {for bigger brands}

The Real Reason Amazon Announced Delivery Drones Last Night {good marketing}

And how about our news?

#1. The life size Lego car, powered by compressed air, project is almost here!! So excited to share this with you. This has been so much fun to be involved it – should be ready next week!

#2. I’m heading to the Philippines over the holiday season to visit the team. Take my advice, if you’ve got a virtual team, be sure to go visit them! It makes all the difference.

#3. Steve Ovens (our lead SEO) and I recorded a video on “How to SEO your site in 2014.” It’s an important watch – see it here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9vq5l9QIik

#4. I’m burying this right down the bottom to reward those who read all the way through 😉 I wanted to give you a little xmas gift this year – a super deal!

I’d love to chat with you on Skype and plan out your online marketing for 2014 and I’ll throw in any 3 of our top selling home study courses to sweeten the deal.

You can use the holidays to work through the courses and then when we have our session (we’ll schedule it for mid January) we’ll be able to jump right to the high level stuff. With my insights, the right planning and your action taking – we’ll ensure 2014 is your best year yet!

Just order a consult before December 24th and I’ll throw in 3 home study course (of your choice). All for only $995. Get a consult with me and you can choose any 3 of the following:

The SEO Method 3 ($395)
The Outsource Profit Machine 2 ($395)
Small Business Internet Marketing ($195)
Lights, Camera, Profits! ($295)
Google Analytics & Display Network ($195)

It’s perhaps one of the best deals I’ve done all year! Basically you get my brain in a box and save over $1000. Book your session here:

Anyway, that’s it for now, keep pushing all the way to the end – we’ll chat once more before xmas!

Your Online Marketing Coach,

Also, remember to listen to the case study with the Sydney accountant. I think you’ll get a lot from it, if nothing more than modelling it:

Nothing proves you can “deliver the goods” more than a good client case study – it’s like a real world product demonstration!

social media marketing tips

Happy to be of service! 🙂


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