Almost all kinds of businesses today rely on the power of their social media strategy. Even big celebrities in the show business, take advantage of the extra popularity this platform offers. Watch Katy Perry’s Wide Awake music video and you’ll understand what I mean. In the clip, she starts with the creation of an official Facebook page and updates it with images, videos and activity details involved in an artist’s everyday life. All of them sound interesting to die-hard fans who are keen to know their idol’s career timeline.

And this is how businesses can promote their products or services: through social media plus the use of web videos. Videos are effective promotional tools. They can provide quick product details and can be easily shared by viewers with just one click.

Our team sent out a press release related to this topic. You can read it here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/business/socialmedia/prweb9541214.htm


Web videos should be part of your social media strategy.

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