Use staff videos to promote your business.

One great way to create engaging short videos that help to sell your business in a very subtle way is by using staff interview videos.

These short clips where you interview your staff on their given area of expertise serve many purposes and send many positive messages to viewers.

Following are some suggestions for how to use these great tools and why they will help your business.

Keep It To One Minute

Avoid the temptation to go on and on about a subject. That is not the idea. They are intended as short intros to a member of your staff and a taste of their expertise in their area. You can certainly shoot more footage, but in the editing process make sure it’s cut down to a bite-size one minute of video.

The Old Rules Apply

These videos are not just like fly-on-the-wall documentaries. You don’t want to surprise your staff.  The old rules of planning and preparation apply – arrange an interview situation, script it and shoot it until it comes across naturally.

Look Off-Camera?

One effective way to relax your staff member and to come across as natural is to shoot at an angle, not looking directly into the camera. This gives it more of a documentary feel.

Think About Credibility And Reliability

One of the purposes of the video is to raise the level of credibility of your business and show that you are experts at what you do. The importance of reliability, professionalism and trustworthiness for a business wanting to succeed online cannot be over-estimated, as you will live and die by your reputation.

What Subjects?

Getting your staff members to talk about their area of expertise is always a good starting point as that is what they will be most comfortable with. Encourage diversity of subjects. Of course you should always keep your viewers in mind too, so talking about key concerns of customers or engaging subjects that you know your customers respond well to, will also go down well.

Avoid Obvious Marketing – Show Don’t Tell!

These videos are not intended to directly sell anything so avoid saying how great the business is. You are trying to build up a picture of your business and the people that run it, to show the outside world you are real and have dedicated professionals that can be trusted and know what they’re doing. Showing your viewers this is better than telling them.

Mosaic Of Your Business

Think of these one-minute videos as building a mosaic of your business. Interview all staff and drip-feed these videos to your website and video channels over the course of a few weeks rather than bulk-posting, as this should have more impact and gives you regular, new content, which search engines also love.

One-minute staff interview videos, as you can see, can really work wonders as part of a targeted video marketing campaign for your business. They are cheap to make, have the additional payback of staff feeling more included in the business and the videos keep on working for you over time. They tick all the boxes.

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