Ezine Articles is perhaps the easiest and best place to start your SEO campaign. It allows you to publish your own articles within their site and link them back to yours, guaranteeing clicks through to your website.

For example, let’s say you have some type of information product. Instead of one large article, take your product and break it into ten or fifteen smaller pieces. Each piece can then be published on Ezine Articles, which will link back to your website.

For each article, you’re able to link back to your own website, typically linking back not only with the primary URL, but you also have the ability to add keywords which you can link back to your main page. You should also have secondary keywords linked using anchor text for whatever keyword you are trying to rank. These can be linked back to your main page as well as your internal pages.

If you’re not comfortable with writing the articles yourself, there are many available options to get the content you need added to your Ezine Articles.

You can make use of such websites as Elance.com, Rent-acoder.com and NeedAnArticle.com where freelance writers can bid on your project. The writers there can break your content down for you into smaller pieces, or they can create unique content just for you based on your instructions.

There are also programs, such as Instant Article Wizard, which will help you find content to piece together into articles.

Because Ezine Articles is a premium article directory, you will want to make sure that you submit the best content you can get. These articles will link directly to your main money-making site, which you always want to protect, so avoid controversial topics.

With the instant creation of links to your page, Ezine Articles is the easiest way to get started in your SEO campaign. Take a look at your product and figure out how to break it down into smaller sections, and then use one of the options above to get your articles ready for publication.

As you can imagine this is just a small part of the SEO process, either continue reading this blog to find out more tips and tricks or click here to find out how Melbourne SEO Services can do it for you.

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