Take the right first steps from the very beginning or you’ll regret it.

Have you asked yourself, “When is the right time to start SEO implementation and how do I apply it to my website?”

Sadly, most companies ask this at the wrong time and it ends up costing them big. They see SEO as a stand alone activity that is somehow separate from the setup of their website. Truth is, SEO needs to be taken into account right from the outset.

When taking SEO into consideration it will shape certain decisions you make. It will affect the way the URL and links are structured, what type of extension you’re using, how you’re placing the keywords and what CMS you choose. It will affect the way you setup your site with the actual keyword structure, starting off with your most competitive phrase on your homepage, then your category words on your first tier pages and then, deeper in your site, less competitive keywords.

SEO is very much built into the web design and it’s not something you can bolt on after the fact. Leaving it till later will cost you time and money, especially if you make some big mistakes early on.

Moreover, the more pages you have on your website, the more important it is to start SEO upfront. A great example, being any e-commerce web store, SEO is critical to be done correctly from the beginning. Trying to change the URL structure after you’ve loaded all the products in, after the pages have been indexed, is a nightmare!

All this can be avoided if SEO steps are followed when they should be, which is right from the start. If you need some help to get started give us a call and we’ll make sure you start off on the right foot.

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