So much cool stuff happening right now – I’ve even come into the office on Saturday to keep on top of everything. I find I do my best thinking with an empty office, no phones and some psy trance 🙂 Hehehe…

But anyway, here’s what’s important to you. Usually I put our news at the bottom but I couldn’t help myself…

#1. The SEO Method 3 got delayed a week due to a team emergency. That said, if you’re interested in stickybeak – I made a short video to show you inside the members area:

Pretty cool huh?

#2. Our new live workshops just got that little bit more exciting – Google Engage (“yes” Goooooooogle) has kindly offered a show bag. We’ll also be appearing on the Google Engage website. Impressive 🙂

Please note: The 1st round of early bird tickets have technically run out (I have updated the price on the website) but I’m waiting for my web guy to update the Paypal links. If you’re quick, click the order button and you’ll still get the 1st round early bird tickets, even though the price on the website is higher – book your ticket now! https://www.melbourneseoservices.com/workshops2013/

Now onto our regular programming. Here’s what I spotted over the past week:

Matt Cutts on Negative SEO and the disavow tool {be careful with this one}

Step by step guide to finding low quality links {good for penguin debugging}

Tablets overtake laptops {spot the trend and ride it}

European business is way behind US in getting online {opportunity}

UK’s biggest photography retailer closed down {evolve or die}

MVP video studio hire {a pretty funny one from Adrian}

And some more news from us.

#1. We’re still looking for a video intern. If you’re a video shooting and editing star – we want you. Melbourne Video Productions is growing. Just email me and I’ll tell you the next step.

#2. Please have a think about how I might best help you in 2013 – just have a think. I’m always open to ideas, ask the question and I’ll either do my best to help or at the very least point you in the right direction.

Let’s make 2013 your best year yet – I am here to serve you.

Your online marketing strategist,

Ps. Shortly you’ll have the opportunity to find out why a room full of SEOers flew halfway around the world to the Philippines to discover my SEOmethod3.

seo method 3

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