Troy Dean WordPress Workshop

Before I get stuck into the news for this week, I wanted to ask: “Are you a WordPress developer or consultant?”

If you are, we’re co-running an event with Troy Dean (he’s “the man” in WordPress) in Melbourne and I think you’ll find it really interesting. You can find out more about Troy Dean’s WordPress workshop here:

That said, it really only makes sense if you’re selling WordPress website builds – otherwise don’t worry about it 😀

And with that done, here’s the news for this week:

Google Panda 4.0 – Uber Case Study

More Panda 4.0 Findings {you really need authority content}

Content Marketing Forecast: 10 Predictions for 2014

941% Traffic Increase Exploiting the Synonyms

Ten Timely Tips for Terrific Title Tags {good onpage SEO is still important}

How to Rank Well in Amazon {we’ll be looking into this}

50 Brands With Amazing Brand Stories {tell your story in video}:

And how about our news?

#1. It’s official, we’re moving from Aweber/Nanacast and a whole bunch of other services to Infusionsoft. It’ll be interesting to see how our marketing evolves. I’ll let you know how we go.

#2. The feedback on my latest video has been so interesting:

What’s surprised me most is that 66% of people watched all the way through and it’s a 6 minute video! No matter what way you look at that, that’s impressive. Reminds me, videos are never too long, just too boring.

How do you make your marketing interesting?

#3. We’re just about to launch our new high end video services. This is your chance to work with Adrian Cabrie (Tropfest finalist 2013) and myself on some “next level” marketing. To find out more visit: www.melbournevideo.com.au

Imagine making a video like my recent “Persistence” video for you and your business. It’s powerful stuff!

#4. I was recently interviewed on the BigTime Wealth Podcast and you can listen to it here:

#5. We’re just putting the finishing touches on the Authority Content workshop recordings. If you missed the event, you’re going to have a second chance to get yourself the recordings. This is perhaps the most important event I’ve ran and you’d be well advised to get a copy. Stay tuned.

Ok back to work, it’s Sunday morning and I’m catching up on a few things.

Dave “I’m here to help you” Jenyns.

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