Posterous makes it easy to post on the go!

Pop quiz, hotshot: You’re in your car, right in the middle of a three-hour drive. It’s a beautiful day; the radio is playing your favorite song. This is when you do your best thinking. All of a sudden, it all clicks – the perfect answer to exactly what you’ve been trying to figure out.

You need to share this information as soon as possible, but you won’t be near a computer for another hour and a half. What do you do? What do you do?

Answer: Posterous to the rescue!

Posterous.com is a website that will let you upload various types of media via email. Pictures, audio, video – it can all be uploaded from your phone. So you’re in the car and you get that big idea – grab your smartphone, record the audio, then shoot it over to Posterous via email. (Be sure to pull over first – you don’t want to spend the money you’re about to make repairing your vehicle!)

You’ll have your own account and your own page, and the content can then be pushed out to your Facebook page and/or your Twitter page. And as with all things online, new, unique and valuable content is what makes the world go round. Keeping your information fresh and updated can be key to your online success, and this is a simple way to keep it coming.

Eventually, you can take all of your postings from Posterous and combine them – pictures can be added to a Powerpoint presentation, which can then have the audio laid over them. Add in a few video clips here and there, and you’ve got a new video to upload to YouTube (which can create even more traffic back to your website…).

Using Posterous is just one of the tips you can get from Melbourne SEO Services. If you’d like to know more and are ready to move into the online world, click here for a list of services available.

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