Video conversion creates versions of the same video.

All the hard work has paid off! You’ve finally added all the after effects you wanted and completed the last bit of editing of your video and it’s looking great. The job’s all done? Well, not quite!

You need to consider what you want to DO with your video –where do you want it working for you and in what formats?

There are so many places online and offline that require different qualities and formats for your video – iPads, DVD, desktop, web, iPhone to name a few – it may seem like “techno-chaos” has struck again!

Making sense of all this will involve a video conversion service and we look at the process below.

What Is Video Conversion?

Video conversion is basically the process of turning your video into different formats for use in different places online and offline. There is a growing demand for it, because of growing video demand everywhere.

The best policy with your video is generally to give your customers several ways to access your content; after all you’ve spent a lot of time creating your videos, so you want to get it out there working for you by making it as widely available as possible.

Two obvious ways of doing this are to provide streaming content via the likes of YouTube, Vimeo etc and also downloadable content.

Why Do I Need A Video Conversion Service?

Streaming video is relatively straightforward and very cheap because you’re not paying for any bandwidth, but how do you create versions of your video that can be viewed in High Definition (HD), Standard Definition (SD) or on an iPhone?

Essentially all of these types of video can be created in Mpeg 4 format, with only the pixel ratio and bit rates changing. For example, the bit rate for HD might be 1000K/sec, while for an iPhone it might be 250K/Sec.

So the videos need to be re-coded and that’s where you’ll need a reliable and economical video conversion service, especially if you have high volumes of video to put out there.

Doing it yourself on your desktop is an option but it is very time consuming and requires technical know-how; services exist that can do all the encoding for you automatically and much more efficiently. It is better to take advantage of these services and save time and headaches.

We hope the above info has helped you understand online video conversion better. It’s one of the last jobs to do before your video is live. A later blog post will deal with a couple of the main video conversion services available online now.

You can see that making informed decisions along every step of the way is the key to making quality videos; check out the Lights, Camera, Profits! workshop for more solid gold information like this! Just click here if you want to know more about it.

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