Use extra tools to put the final touch to your video.

You’ve planned your video, written the script, recorded it and edited it. But something’s still missing, isn’t it?

Do you think your video needs a few finishing touches to give it that professional edge?

Here’s where a couple of great resources can come in handy with adding motion graphics and after video effects – VideoHive and IStockPhoto.

VideoHive (www.videohive.net)

VideoHive is a great resource for finding Adobe After Effects templates, which are excellent tools for creating eye-catching video intros and outros.

Intros and outros are important because they allow you to add consistency and branding to all of your web videos; your clips may be used in many places, don’t forget, so having a recognisable “trademark” intro and outro can really boost your online image.

You will probably have seen that Melbourne SEO Services use the same intro and outro for all of our own videos on the site, on YouTube, or wherever!

From the VideoHive web site you can preview the templates and choose one you like the look of. Of course the video snips are editable; you can change the audio and the text or drop images in; so you can fully customise it for your own needs.  VideoHive is a step up from the pre-made intros and outros that other sites offer.

Once you have selected and edited your clip you can export it as a .mov file and then add into your business video.

Most of the intros are around $17-22 – a very affordable price for something you will be using again and again. Simply add credits to your account and you will get a discount on the videos for pre-paying.

iStock Photo (www.istockphoto.com)

iStockPhoto is a great resource for finding images, illustrations, audio clips, video clips and flash that can add a touch of colour and professionalism to your video.

Again you may be able to find something for your intro and outro on here. You can buy a “stock” clip and customise it with your own text and logo, allowing you to apply some consistent branding to the videos wherever they are seen.

Depending on the type of video you are making you can buy HD quality or web quality. Simply apply credit to your account, browse and choose what you need.

Adding video effects like this can help you set your videos apart from the rest. Find out other ways to do this by checking out the Lights, Camera, Profits! workshop DVDs by clicking here.

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