It’s blaringly obvious now video is more and more important for today’s business owners. Why? Because when a visitor arrives on your website, they expect to see a video. So I see you get it now, but aren’t sure what kind of equipment is needed to get started. Good news for you! Basically all you need is a camera, microphone, lights and maybe some screen capture software. Let us consider each of these pieces of video equipment in turn.

First step, a camera
The great thing is cameras these days – of all quality levels – provide a really good image. Start off with a little Flip camera that shoots in HD. Your hands may get a little shaky, making the image shaky, but you’ll still get a decent image. Most cameras on the market are now small, versatile, and deliver a good picture.

In saying all that, some people are afraid of public speaking and for them, being in front of a camera can be quite daunting. For those of you who get a bit camera shy, remember… a camera is just a machine for recording, it doesn’t judge you. Keep that in mind as you give your first video recording a go (trust me, it worked for me!).

Step two, good audio
It goes without saying that you need decent audio for your video. Even though a lot of handycams have built in mics, you often get a lot of background noise with them. Snag a little Bluetooth microphone, like the ones Sony make for about $100 (or less!) which can easily find on eBay. These microphones often come with a lanyard to go around your neck or on an armband, and they pick up the audio really well.

Step three, lights
Lights aren’t essential but they do make a big difference in how professional your video turns out. If you don’t have any lights, you can always use natural light (outside) or just a flood light or down light you might have in your home. Ideally you want to use something that will enable people to see you clearly, which is all that really matters.

On the other hand, you can spend anything from $10 to thousands of dollars on video equipment lights. If you are going purchase lighting, just remember you only need to start with the “three light set up” in your studio. This set up will light your object up perfectly for give maximum impact. It’ll make whatever your filming the centre of attention in your video!

Take your videos to the next level.

Screen capture software
For those people who are shy and don’t want to be in front of a camera, or when your computer screen is an integral part of your video (such as instructional videos), screen capture software is a must. There’s a whole gaggle of programs out there, but two really great ones are ScreenFlow (for Mac) and Camtasia (for Mac and PC). You can buy ScreenFlow for around $100. It will record whatever is on your computer screen – you press Play and it starts recording. Super easy, just the way I like it! 🙂

Screen capture software is a really effective way to make a tutorial for a product or service. Isn’t that an easy and powerful way to get people interested in your business and in your content?

Putting it together
As you can see, you don’t need much in the way of equipment or cash to get started making videos. Grab a small camera, a good microphone, and maybe a few lights. If it suits, you may also want to try some screen capture software. These are the basics I started out with and recommend to everyone wanting to take advantage of what web video can do you for your business!

Videos inevitably attract people to your website and can truly help grow your business. It is an opportunity you cannot afford to let pass you by. If you need a hand with creating your first web video or simply choosing the right video equipment, contact us today for assistance!

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