Video conversion must be quick and super.

We dealt in an earlier post with the subject of video file conversion and why you will need it, once your video is complete.

Think of it as a way to quickly and painlessly get your video into a format that can send it far and wide and get it really working for your business. It also allows you to gain control over your video and prepares you for anything the future may hold – creating high quality masters means you have the necessary files to convert into other formats in the future, as the need arises.

iMovie has a limited built-in encoding function for .mov files. The best video file conversion services create multiple file formats. Here we look at two of the best services out there today.

Visual Hub

Visual Hub is a great piece of free video conversion software, suitable for small businesses with moderate amounts of video to process and little technical know-how.

It is a very simple software and all you need to do is drag your final video file into the program, choose an output (DVD, WMV, streaming video etc.) and it will convert your MP4 automatically into the format you choose.

For people with knowledge about bit rate and pixel ratios for different formats you can play around in the advanced settings, but most users choose the automatic settings.

The only downside to Visual Hub is that it’s no longer supported by the developer and it will probably not be around for much longer as it is superseded by other programs.

A good alternative for MAC users is “Handbrake”, which is actually DVD-ripping software that can act as an excellent video converter too.


This offers paid conversion services with monthly fees and plans or charges per GB of data.

With this service, a professional -standard set up is offered, whereby there are several different ways of interacting. You can use API, an Adobe Air client, a web interface or a watch folder service.

With the latter, you upload HD versions of your video files to an FTP location; new files will be automatically flagged and encoded according to file specifications and can then be uploaded to another location – such as Amazon S3, which is an online FTP service.

The server farm for this video conversion service is very powerful and allows more video to be coded much quicker than doing it from your desktop. Plus the bandwidth between encoding.com and S3 is massive, so large files are transferred very quickly.

Services like encoding.com really quicken things up for businesses with a high volume of video to process. You just need to choose the file formats and it does all the hard work for you. You don’t need to be preoccupied with too much talk of bit rates, pixel ratios etc.

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