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Video Transcript: The structure of the video. Always start a video with a hook as part of your video marketing strategy. It’s all about, very similar to copywriting. All of this material comes back to copywriting. Why am I watching this? In this video I’m going to show you how you can get your website found online. Then move into the content. That’s right up front, bold promise, here’s what I’m going to do. Sometimes it’s nice as well to have a cool little intro. You’ll see on the Melbourne SEO Services one, I don’t know if you’ve watched any of the videos but it goes, Get found online and this nice little thing pops down.

You can go to something like iStock or VideoHive and find some nice little intros. In fact we’ll do it on the front here. ‘Get found Online with Melbourne SEO’, so you can create nice little short things. That’s just a branding thing, it gets put on the front of all of our videos. VideoHive is a really good website for that. That cost me $15 or something like that and how sharp does that look?

Then you also want to make sure, the aim of the game is with all these bits of content that we’re putting out on the web, it’s to get people back to your online video marketing website. So we have a lower third throughout the entire video. You’ll notice there is a url back to the website. That way, as someone is watching it, if they want to come back to the website they can do so at any point in time. So you want to make sure that all throughout your videos you have that lower third.

Always include your url. We have an outro as well and a call to action. Every video marketing strategy finishes with a call to action. So it will be: Want to find out more? Visit this url. Want to watch the rest of this seminar? Visit this url. I was talking to Troy during the break and I said, what we do with a lot of our workshops, we just cut them up into little pieces and then we upload them onto YouTube. You can find so much great content from us uploaded onto YouTube, it’s just great content.

Then at the end of each video, add a call to action: Hey, want to watch the rest of this workshop? Head back to here. So it’s a great bounce back technique. Then using music, I think Adrian has helped with that being a composer. We’ve started to bring some more music into the work that we’re doing and it’s just starting to polish it out that little bit more.

So channel internet video marketing secrets. How to make sure that your channel really stands out on YouTube. The first thing is make sure that you select your user name. It’s best to go for the keywords. These are things that I’ve learned afterwards because my trading account is on DJenyns, that’s my user name, www.youtube.com/djenyns. Really I would have like to be something like freetradingsystems or tradingsystems or something like that.

Make sure that you select a background image, it looks a lot sharper. You can see mine there and we’ll take a quick look. You can see when you’re on a larger screen, I’m on a little laptop here, but I’ve got a nice little logo down the side there that mentions my url. What’s the aim of the game for YouTube? YouTube and anything else that you put outside on the web, facebook, twitter, it’s all about how do I get them back to my website? Once I get them back to my website, I capture their name, they get into my funnel then I can continue to market to them.

The other thing that you want to do is set your channel type. YouTube, under the settings you can set a normal one, I think they call it a YouTuber. You have options to write Guru or Expert. You get different options for the type of YouTuber you want to go for. Choose one of the ones that isn’t the generic one. So YouTuber is what everybody goes for. But if you do Guru or something like that, what it means is, when you videos start to take off, you’ll get little awards on your videos. You’ll get little tiles. You can see one down the bottom there, 13th most viewed today. I got that one and the reason was I put myself into a different category.

When you’re in the main default category, you’re competing against a whole lot more people. But if you put yourself into the little Expert category, or the Guru category, I’m now competing with a lot smaller space and it’s much easier for me to get those awards.

Then also on my YouTube channel as well you get some little content and things like that. So I make sure that I tell them to subscribe. There are few things that will help with ranking your YouTube videos and it’s having the number of subscribers. So I tell them, because there is a button up the top of YouTube that says subscribe to my channel, so I’m just reminding them, as part of video marketing strategy, telling them what to do, adding a call to action.

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