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To start making your videos, there is no need to go out and spend thousands of dollars on the latest video recording equipment. Really all you will need to get started is a camera, tripod, microphone and video editing software.

The camera and microphone on your smartphone will be good enough to take your first steps with. When you have a bit of experience under your belt, you might feel it is time to upgrade. You would then probably think about investing in a higher-end camcorder with a microphone port to improve the quality of your sound. Also consider a tripod, as this just makes it easier to handle your camera and find different and interesting angles to shoot from.

How much should you spend on a camera? Anything from $200 to $1500 will do the trick, so it just gets down to how much you are able to invest.

The next thing to consider is movie editing software. This can be very expensive, but you just need something which enables you to cut and splice your videos and add some music and text. Windows Movie Maker, or iMovie if you have an Apple will do everything you require. Royalty –free footage and motion graphics can be found at www.videohive.net.

Unless you live in an area where the weather is fine most of the time and you can shoot outdoors, you will also enhance your video making skills if you get yourself a couple of lights. Purchase two or three decorator’s lamps and a black background and you will be well set up to make your start in video.

Don’t Be Too Ambitious

You are not aiming to make the world’s greatest blockbuster. Your goal is to produce a video which will help present your goods and services in a trustworthy and appealing manner. You don’t need to load your video with the latest tricks and effects. All it takes is you standing in front of your dark backdrop or in part of your office and explaining simply and clearly how what you are offering will enhance the lives of your customers.

Sure there will be mistakes initially, you will always be able to do a better job, but each time you complete a web video you will have learnt something which will help improve your next one. Your customers do not demand perfection in your video production. They want to find out that you are a genuine and authentic person who has their best interests at heart. Through video you are able to show them just that.

Having the right video recording equipment and a clear goal are definitely important to your own marketing success. Click here if you want to start making great videos today.

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