Quality content can go viral.

There is too much emphasis placed on creating viral content.

Why? Because you are not in control of that – your audience is.

Engaging, informing and/or entertaining your audience should be the focus for your content creation… if it happens to be shared and go viral then great; if not don’t worry!

Content Is King

You can help your online presence mature by creating great content. There are so many different forms of media we can use now to do this, that it is almost criminal not to be using them!

Articles, online videos, blog posts, podcasts, social media posts and info-graphics are just some of the ways we can interact with our audience.

All of the above help position ourselves and our business as an authority, adds credibility to our online presence and most of it can help us rise in rankings with the search engines.

So you really need to plough some resources into providing quality content for your website visitors, YouTube channel subscribers, Twitter followers and Facebook fans.

Content Guidelines

It’s a good idea to keep in mind a few key guidelines to govern the direction your content takes:

  • Keep it audience-focused – first understand who your audience is and design your content with them in mind.
  • Keep it relevant to your business segment and your audience.
  • Inspire and motivate – you will find your audience responds well to positive content.
  • Demonstrate – show them you know what you’re talking about – it’s all part of positioning yourself as an expert!

Viral Strategies

Having stated at the beginning of the post that you shouldn’t worry if your content never becomes a viral content, there are steps you can take to increase the likelihood of it happening!

It obviously does benefit both your SEO (back- links) and your authority and social proof (sharing on social media sites) if your content is re-published in multiple places.

You can increase the chances by using some of the following methods:

  • Focus on “buzz” topics that are trending and give them your own unique slant – publishers like current news stories with a “twist.”
  • Move away from just publishing articles and blog posts – use all the media at hand including video.
  • Keep a varied approach – people like to take in information in a variety of ways.
  • Include compelling images in posts and articles – not only are they more attractive to read; when they are shared in social media sites an image from the post is added and people are more likely to click on links with images. Use Flickr Creative Commons to source the images.
  • Keep the design clean and modern and include a printer-friendly version
  • Choose article titles carefully and capture attention with them.
  • Use short URLs via “bit.ly” to make sharing easier.
  • Get feedback from your audience about what they want to read – survey some of the key players who may themselves have large audiences – and then go away and create it. This increases their sense of “buy in” and the likelihood they will share it. If there is no response you probably need a re-think – but at least it’s a good gauge for how you are doing.
  • Do video interviews with market leaders in your sector. They will link to it and their audience may do so too. Plus you gain authority from this.

The above approaches may just get your content hitting the right notes and being shared widely; if not, they are good habits to get into for your readers, your visitors and your online business anyway. Don’t be scared to experiment with your content and take some risks – if it doesn’t work you haven’t lost anything, have you?

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