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Video Transcript: Once you do that, you get all your channel set up. You’ve got your videos, you’ve formatted them nicely, you’ve got an intro, you’ve got a lower third, you’ve got an outro. Then you set up your YouTube channel. Then you optimize your videos, you upload them to YouTube. It’s really similar to that onpage optimization that we talked about in the SEO section. It’s just about choosing the right keywords and putting them in the right places.

Fortunately with YouTube videos it’s a very non competitive space. So we can rank for very competitive terms without doing very much to them. You can still rank for great terms just by putting the keywords in. You don’t even have to do any off page optimization if you can remember back to what that meant from the SEO section.

I’ll show you what you have to do for off page but select your keywords. You might use the same keyword phrases that you did your keyword research for on your website or you might vary it slightly. Think about what is the user looking for when they’re on YouTube? They’re looking for how to, they’re looking for tutorials. Why does someone go to YouTube? They want to see someone visually do something. So think about that when you’re selecting your keywords and that means you’ll be able to make sure that you optimize a little bit better to go after keywords that people are looking for.

Then just put the keyword into the title, put it into the description. Make sure, and I’ll show you what one looks like optimized, make sure that you put the url right up the front of your description because people might click your url and add tags in. Tags have just got a section, they’re just like keywords.

Adrian has been doing a little bit of testing with his Snack Cinema website. He was adding a few interesting phrases into his tags and they were appearing up in related videos and he wasn’t doing any other optimization. He was just picking keywords, dropping them into the tags section. Then what was happening was people were watching YouTube videos and then he started appearing in the related videos.

You know when you’re watching a video on YouTube either sometimes at the end the video finishes and related videos pop up afterwards, what to watch next? Sometimes they’re running down the side. Adrian was finding he was getting a whole bunch of traffic from referring as related videos. Then he started to try and put keywords in to make sure that he was appearing next to the videos that he wanted to to get that referring traffic.

Let’s actually go look at YouTube for more viral video marketing samples so it makes just a little bit more sense. Hopefully this is going to be well optimized since it’s just the one that I’ve got opened. So first thing, you’ll just upload your YouTube video. Here’s our title up the top here, so Designing versus Modeling Trading Systems and Forex Review. Let’s scroll down. Underneath, now no one really looks at your description. Very rarely are you going to get someone who actually looks at your description.

The things to take note of, see how I put my url right at the front? That’s why I was saying it’s key to make sure that your url is right at the front of your description. It appears and it is actually clickable, so you can click that. It’s about one of the only places, oh you can get some on your YouTube channel, but you can get a clickable link from YouTube back to your website. If I hit More, then I just get a little description and I think the keyword, it’s probably going to be Forex Review. We’ve got forex review added in the title there. It doesn’t look like it’s in the body, maybe this is not the best example.

My YouTube, my trading one is probably not the best example because that was done years ago. It still works but if we have a look at our SEO Method channel, that’s youtube.com/theseomethod, so we can see some of the more phrases we are going for. So Article Ranks review, so we’ll just have a look here. (video) So we can see I’m going after, I’m optimizing for a particular product, name and review. So Article Ranks review and we come down here. I’ve got my link right at the top. We’ve got a description and you can see the keyword is mentioned in there. Then right down the bottom as well underneath the tags, we’ve got Article Ranks review, down there, tags.

So it’s pretty simple to optimize a video and you’ll get some really good rankings via internet video marketing. I haven’t actually checked this one. Let’s see how it goes, high risk, hopefully, bang, there you go, number 1: article ranks review/tutorial. That works quite well.

So what are some other ways when you go up against some more competitive videos? So a lot of viral video marketing videos you can rank quite well for just by having things in the right place, choosing the right keyword, having it in the right place.

If it’s a little bit more competitive, here are some of the things that YouTube takes into consideration when it’s trying to calculate which marketing videos it’s going to display. You’ve got to look at back links, so you can actually build back links to your videos; embeds as in how many times is that video embedded into different websites. So when you look at Melbourne SEO Services, you see how the video and it’s a YouTube video right on the home page, that counts as an embed. So how many of those have you got?

Things like how many views are there, ratings, comments, age, play lists, channel views, subscribers, they’re all of the different things that get taken into account when determining what comes up. My secret is, and this is what I think is probably one of the biggest factors for ranking on YouTube next to have the keyword in the right place, is making sure that you embed your video on to high page rank pages.

So basically if you’re not familiar with page rank, imagine embedding your videos into Brad Pitt style pages if you remember my analogy earlier. If you embed your videos on those types of pages, your videos will start to pop. So that’s a little secret at the moment.

So that’s about it on viral video marketing and video optimization tips for your business. If you want professional help with your online business, I suggest you take a look at my Internet marketing consulting service. Just click here.

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