Creating viral web videos just in time for the launching of a big event can widen your customer base by heaps. This is what Nike achieved with their three-minute clip presenting an all-star cast of football players with the theme “My Time is Now”. The short video received more than thirteen million hits on YouTube.

This phenomenon showcases that there is no other effective tool in reaching to your prospects quickly than a web video. Big companies are slowly becoming aware of this and so they are reallocating a part of their marketing brands to online advertising. The same is true for small and medium-sized companies.

If viral web videos are still not included in your marketing campaign, it’s not yet too late to start with them today. They are easy to share. They turn viewers into instant promoters with just one click on the share button. We sent out a related press release with this link: http://www.prweb.com/releases/viral/webvideo/prweb9545427.htm

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Web video ads are easy to watch and share.

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