When you’re completely swamped in marketing and PR it’s time to turn to some superior software to help you through the mass of emails, product promotion and press releases. Look no further than Vocus, the press release service that is completely compatible with PR Web, to help you through the myriad of different responsibilities that come with running your own business.

Some of our press releases sent through Vocus have been put out there as much as ten thousand times, and all the links come back to our site. What’s not to like?

Working in the SEO industry, Melbourne SEO Services needs a really proactive and user-friendly application to send out press releases. We’ve used a number of services over the past few years to support link building and develop quality press releases but we keep coming back to Vocus as the number one application for developing our marketing capabilities.

Vocus has a great range of features but here are the four we love the most…

#1 – Great media database

Vocus features a massive media database with approximately 1.4m bloggers, journalists, outlets and more, and has been updated over 1.7m times in the last year, making it a really great proposition for anyone looking to advance their marketing strategy and promote their product and services.

#2 – Fantastic news distribution features

The Vocus application lets you send your news items directly to the people who need to read it. This means that when you submit an article telling your customers about your latest products and services, you’ll know that you are hitting your target audience quickly and easily.

#3 – Comprehensive news monitoring services

Vocus lets you see the entire conversation going on about your latest press release, helping your company to manage your online reputation, keep track of brand awareness, and stay ahead of industry trends relating to your product or service niche.

#4 – Proactive social media monitoring service

With proactive social media monitoring, Vocus helps you to track social conversations and engage influencers with updates and conversation relating to what you want to publicise in your business.

The team at Vocus offer a free demo of their service so you can experience just how easy they make your online marketing, without committing to a paid version. Testament to their faith in the product, Vocus want you to engage with the user experience before you pay anything out to use the software application full time. This means you can trial the application without signing up to anything, to see how it fits in with your organisation.

At Melbourne SEO services we’ve really got into Vocus and we have no hesitation in recommending it for all of your online marketing and PR needs. Vocus helps with everything on your task list, from reaching journalists, bloggers and customers, to identifying and monitoring social media influencers. It’s everything you need to develop more reach and influence in one completely integrated software suite. Try out Vocus, and we’re sure you’ll like it as much as we do here at Melbourne SEO Services.

Find out why Melbourne SEO Services uses Vocus for press release marketing.

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