So what’s new this week? For one I will be off to Europe for a 6-week vacation and I need to give you an update before I go!

There are the usual best bits of news and helpful links for small/medium sized business owners and there are also some other things you should know.

Let’s get to it – here’s what I spotted this week:

The type of content that will never devalue {sound advice}

Content vs sales in email marketing {I’m biased but I like it}

Were you hit by negative SEO? {don’t jump to conclusions}

Lessons learned building SEOMoz {I like this guy}

Got an Ecommerce store? Google search as you type {worth testing}

Adding the rel=author to wordpress {everyone should do this}

4 link building tactics {do these}

Adwords for video {we’re going to start testing here}

Scaleogy interview with me {again I’m biased but it’s good}

Ps. We’ve been getting some awesome results for clients recently – here are some recent case studies:
www.youtu.be/afATmjSHGK0 – the chocolate guy
www.youtu.be/uiwaimFZc10 – the bookkeeping guy
www.youtu.be/mJiUXAQTiF8 – the psychology guy

Not too sure where to get started?

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