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Video Transcript: Now a lot of people when they first start marketing online, start to think about this idea of how can I get more traffic to my website, how can I do this and focus in on traffic strategies because the traffic strategies are sexy. I think where you should start off is making sure that your website converts.

Sometimes you’ll find, if we’re getting a hundred unique visitors to your website a day and let’s say it’s converting at 2%, so we’re getting a couple of calls each day out of all of those visitors who come to the website, I can go out there and try and drive another hundred unique visitors to my website. So maybe I’ve got two hundred unique visitors and now I get four people calling me. That might be one way to get more people picking up the phone.

What would happen if I just focused and did a few small changes on the website that get more people picking up the phone and calling me? Let’s say I now have four people who are calling me. I might be able to up my conversion rate from 2% to 4% on the website. It might just be from a few minor tweaks on the website. It is much easier to do those than it might be to go out there and build more articles and back links and target new keywords and all that type of thing. So that’s what this session is all about.

Just thinking about what your website’s purpose is, for me, it’s all about being, it’s a digital sales person and a lead generator tool. So for me I talked about this idea of what I want a website to do is to pre sell someone so they’re ready to buy, they’re hot, they’re about to pick up the phone, they’re ready to place their order, that’s where I want to get someone to. It’s all about duplicating my efforts.

Coming back to that idea and concept I talked about before is, how can I do work once and get paid forever for it? Now I’m the best salesman for my business. I know my products and services inside and out. I know how much it can help people and how much businesses need it. I can convey that best. But if I had to go out there and sell every single client who came through the door and go through that long process, that’s going to be a lot of work for me.

You’ll see Melbourne SEO and we’ll take a look at the Melbourne SEO Services website, there is video all over it.

It’s very clear, we’ve got lots of testimonials, lots of proof, there is the front end lead generator. All of that is selling the person on why I’m the best and right choice. I think that’s what you want to try and get your website to do. It’s going to be that pre selling, it really depends what you’re doing.

There are slight exceptions. Something like an ecommerce site, when I think of Planet 13. That really, that’s the sales person where I’m trying to get them to place the order right then and there. But for the Melbourne SEO when we’re selling services oftentimes it’s about pre selling them. It’s also about selling them on the idea of the info products as well. We get a lot of people just placing the order for the info products.

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