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Video Transcript: I thought another thing that you might want to do is have a look at who the industry leaders are in your particular niche. So you want to look at the websites that are absolutely dominating in your space. So think about your business and almost instantly you should know who are some of your biggest competitors both locally and also internationally or Australia wide. Think of who are some of the big players who are doing online marketing really well and keep an eye on their website. You probably can’t go wrong starting off by looking at what they do.

I’ll show you a little bit on my website. Some other ones, Amazon, is a massive online store. They do an amazing amount of split testing and getting the usability just right. So if you have an ecommerce web store, have a look at Amazon. Amazon just bought Zappo, Zappo is another one. Have a look at both of those websites and that will provide you the foundation of what it is that you need to build into your web store.

‘Customers who bought this, also bought this.’ You know those emails that you get from Amazon as well? You might have just bought a book recently and then three weeks later you get an email from Amazon talking about another book that is clearly tailored to you. They’ve customized that mailing because it is talking about a book that is very similar to the one that you just ordered. That’s really tailoring once you can start to do that type of thing. Ebay is another really good one to keep an eye on.

If you want to look into the internet marketing space, there’s a Double Your Dating, there’s a guy called Eben Pagan, he’s a really good internet marketer. He runs a lot of tests, a lot of people keep an eye on him. Frank Kern is another one as well. When he comes out with material, particularly in the internet marketing crowd, a lot of people jump all over it. He’s a good forward thinker. If you’re interested in material here in Australia, have a look at what Ed Dale does, the 30 Day Challenge. It’s some free training you can go through there. Have a look at where those industry leaders are.

If you’re copying what is happening in the internet marketing space, you’re probably going to be three, four years ahead of anything that’s going to happen with most businesses out here in Toowoomba. Most businesses aren’t thinking this, so if you can modify that it will put you in front.

I might give you a look at my Melbourne SEO Services website for an example of something that uses website usability testing. So having a look here, you can see up the top we’ve got a clickable logo right up the top. It’s very important to have your phone number in the top hand corner. Don’t make someone have to click the contact page to get to you if they’re ready to place the order right now. I put an extra little offer in there for them. I’m actually using this on WordPress. It doesn’t look like a WordPress theme, those of you who know WordPress, but this little sidebar here actually goes throughout the page. So I’m constantly telling them to click here and enter your details and download to download the SEO report. Then you click it and it just takes them down to where they opt in.

As soon as they get on the page, that headline is very clear. Who else wants the secret to get any website, your website to the top of Google? Watch this. So the person who lands on an SEO website, they want to get their website coming up number 1 on Google. I’m telling them right up front here is what they can learn. Here’s what you’re going to learn by watching this video. Then they go into the video and then I touch on those different elements that I talked about in that John Carlton sales copy. Then I tell them what to do next.

I even write it: What next? Do you want to and then I tell them, Do you want to chat with a Melbourne SEO Services team member, see what we have to offer or download the free report? I tell them all throughout in fact I’ve got to a point now where I’m so blatantly obvious, I don’t hide anything. I’m extremely transparent. I’ll tell them, read my sub heads. Here’s what’s covered on the DVDs: what’s your investment, our guarantee, what to do now, client feedback. I just tell them.

If someone is scanning and they’re looking for those elements, I’ll tell them right up front. How annoying is it when you’re visiting a web page and you can’t find the price? You’re sitting there saying, I wonder how much this is? You need to hit add to shopping cart to find out how much it’s going to cost you. If that frustrates me, it’s going to frustrate the rest of the users. So really that’s why you want to put your mind in the shoes of your avatar and then make sure that you market to them in a way that really speaks to them. So having a look at that.

Then the other elements as well when it comes to web design usability, the things that I would make sure that are on your website, obviously there is a home page. Usually for me the home page. You’ll see all throughout the site now we’ve just gone video heavy and that is partly because of Adrian. We’ve put video on every single page on the site. I’ll tell them exactly what it is that they’re going to find on this site and what it is that they should do next.

So underneath services, if I just click services, here is a video that talks about we offer a whole bunch of different services. Underneath what you’ll find is a list of all of the different services with little summaries and snippets and if you want to find out more, you just click here to find out more. Then they will go into the individual ones. Then when you land on the individual products, you’ll find a headline: Looking for Quality Article Distribution Service? Watch the video below. I’m telling them what it is that they’re doing. Then I just go into what is your investment and that type of thing.

I hope you have learned a thing or two with this quick guide on using web site usability to your business advantage. If you want me to help you out with your small biz, you may want to look at my consulting services. Click here.

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