Answering FAQs – can you handle the truth?

Your customers have questions. They demand answers!

One genre of online video that is a great way to see if your customers can “handle the truth” is FAQ videos and they are becoming more prevalent around the net. Looking into this type of video could be a great place for you to start, if you are putting together a web video marketing strategy.

FAQ videos are presentations of frequent questions that your web visitors ask, or should be asking. Depending on the level of sophistication and detail involved in understanding your product or service, this may be 10-20 questions; sometimes more, sometimes less; but they are essential to understanding what you’re offering.

They have been used in the past as text-based pieces to promote a customer-focus to the business. They are also a means of getting some key features and benefits of a product or service across succinctly and effectively.

Following are the 10 key advantages to your business of including a series of well put-together FAQs in your web video marketing plans:

• Any question can be immediately brought to life by the personality of the presenter

• The content is instant – very little creativity needs to go into it

• You are engaging with your audience, making eye to eye contact. This helps to create trust, authenticity and credibility

• Not only will people find the answers useful but they prefer to be told about something rather than having to read it

• Attention spans for the average viewer are low. These FAQ videos can be 30-60 seconds long, so they are excellent in keeping it short, sharp and to-the point.

• You can anticipate your customer’s problems and questions and add new videos as the need arises

• There is more of a sense of engaging on a human level with video. This will help people remember your comments and your message more than with text

• You can include a Call to Action (sales message) in your video in return for providing your viewer with useful content. Customers may actually find it easier to be told where they can go or what they can do next.

• Well-made FAQ videos make your business look professional and polished

• If a customer emails you with a question you can simply reply with a video link – this is perceived as excellent service, if your video comprehensively answers their query

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