Keep your high-rolling clients happy.

Are you looking for new ways to make your high-end clients feel special and also to help you with your web video marketing campaign?

One way to make a splash in both of those pools is to send a camera to your customer and ask them to record video testimonials and send the file to you so you can post it; they can keep the camera!

We often think of testimonial videos as chores for the people who have to do them – that applies to write ups or videos; but the truth is that many clients will be only too happy to help, especially if you look after them well.

It also plays to their ego and can give them that feeling that they are special, coveted and important enough to your business to be asked to put it on film.

Many customers, though, have the best of intentions of helping you, but never get round to doing it so, if you want to try the sending-a-camera approach out for your business to try and nail the testimonial you’re after, then try the following way of going about it:

  • Buy a Flip Camera or a Kodak Playtouch – these are both decent quality, cheap video cameras. You may like to add a personal touch by sticking one of your logos on the camera.
  • Send the camera to your customer with a letter asking them to record a testimonial for you in a quiet, well-lit room; in return they can keep the camera.
  • It’s best to include in your letter some questions that they can  answer on camera and thereby you can steer the video testimonial in the direction you want it to go.
  • Instruct them that , if they want to keep the camera once they have finished recording, either send the SD card back to you or upload the video file to the DropBox folder you have shared with them. Give them clear instructions on how to do this in your letter.
  • It’s best once you have edited the video to the required length and format, to seek the client’s approval before uploading the video to your web site. They will appreciate the consideration you have put into the process.

Having the camera in their hand should convince the customer to get the testimonial that they promised done.  Of course this approach would only be done with clients who are spending big with you.

The value of these video testimonials is high, because they involve little work for you and are authentic; it’s much more difficult to fake a video testimonial than a text one, which makes them instantly more valuable to your business as a marketing tool.

Do you have any other suggestions or ideas that can help the web video marketing of your business and also give your most important customers that warm, fuzzy feeling? If so please let us know in the comments section below.

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