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When you write the copy on your website, write it as though you’re writing to one person. I talked about when I create communication online, it’s all about thinking about marketing to Garry.

I want to make sure I know about Garry. He’s got two kids, he’s married, he runs his own business, it’s got I think a $2,000,000 to $3,000,000 turnover. He drives a good car, he takes good breaks, he’s got a business coach. That is my target market. When I market to him, I have that in mind and I write as though I’m writing to him.

So you don’t use terms like ‘we’ and ‘you guys’ and things like that in your web copywriting. It’s all about writing to the person as though you’re writing it to your friend. Have you got a problem with a fat stomach? Do you look at yourself in the mirror and not see the six pack like you used to see it when you were sixteen? I know how you feel. I had the same problem, then I started to go to Willows gym and solved that problem and now I’ve got a six pack that you can crack an egg on.

I don’t know, writing something like that, where it talks to the person as opposed to some generic type of thing. Write it to an eighth grade level as well. Don’t try and get fancy with your copy, don’t try and use ambiguity, don’t do anything that is confusing.

I remember someone who used to work with me, he used to write some blog posts and things like that, we talked about this idea. I should have remembered the example, it’s probably in my journal because I remember writing it down. He wrote something in the copy that had a double meaning. I had not heard of it before the way that he was using the terminology. I said, I haven’t used it and he said, everybody knows that. I said, yes, but I don’t really know that. He said, yes, but everybody knows that. I just remember saying to him, it’s not about you thinking that everybody knows that term or being fancy or clever or something like that. web copywriting is always about the individual. So write it back to the individual.

One of the best things that you can do, you need to learn sales. I talked about that upfront when I was talking about my entrepreneurial journey. You need to learn sales, I think as a business owner, it’s something that you need to do.

Some people are stronger at copy than others. I’ve got another client, a coaching client who is setting up a video marketing business on the Gold Coast. He’s offering small businesses little videos that they can put on their website. Now he’s not very good with writing copy. I said, ok, you’re a video company, then let’s rely on putting videos throughout the website. Let’s just go really heavy on the use of video. So he’s still using the sales principles but he’s incorporating it into the video.

So either do it in video or it’s still a good idea to have some copy because you’ll find search engines like to see some content on the website. You can maybe get a copywriter or something like that. I think the copy is really important on your website. Always link it back to as well the results and the benefits, it’s not about features. A feature might be this is a steel radial tyre that is reinforced and it is black coloured. They’re all features. The benefit is that it means you stop quicker in the wet. Then maybe add a little bit of extra pain on there: it will stop you quicker in the wet and might end up saving your family’s life by braking in time so you don’t ram into the back of that truck.

When you’re building the copy on your website, don’t just talk about feature, feature. Think about benefit, what does that mean to me? What am I going to get from that?

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