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Video Transcript: Video, as I mentioned earlier, is probably the lowest hanging fruit that is currently available online. You can get videos ranked very easily, they’re very engaging, they’ll increase the conversion rate of your website. They’re just a great addition to what you’re doing. In fact it will enhance anything that you’re doing online by adding video into it.

So why does video work so well? People do business with people, they don’t do business with other companies. So what video does is connect you to your client. It is so much better, I get so many clients pick up the phone and say, I watched that video of you on Melbourne SEO Services. I watched what you did at that workshop. They’d already pre sold themselves before they’d picked up the phone and spoken to me because they knew who I was, they had already connected with me and just my authenticity comes across, following the right online marketing plan. You guys can see how much I love this material, I eat this material for breakfast, I love business, I love online marketing and it comes across. If you love what it is that you’re doing, I think that’s key as well.

If you’re going to be the face of your business and that’s usually one of the best leverage points that you can have, make sure that you really love what it is that you’re doing. If you don’t, find someone else who is going to do that. It really comes across in the videos and it shows amazing transparency.

I think that’s one thing that I try and pride ourselves most on on what we do at Melbourne SEO Services. I’ll show you exactly what I’m doing. When it comes to The SEO Method it’s my own internal staff training. We don’t hold anything back. Any of the trainings I’ll just give you absolutely everything and it’s done by design. It shows you there is that real level of transparency, I know what I’m talking about. You can either learn by going through that material or you can get us to do it for you. Some people are just going to want to get the services anyway. They say, I can’t be bothered implementing all of this work and then they want to leave it.

Transparency, it comes across website video marketing and it’s so real. You can have really slick videos, we’ve got some more slick videos and the quality of our videos have gone up and I’ll show you some of those earlier ones and how bad they are. I’m sitting in my bedroom and behind me you can see my dresser drawer and it looks really bad. They’ve progressively got better and better as Ad has joined the team and Ben. We’ve started to up that production value, bit it’s still real. If I stumble across my words a little, I’ll leave it in.

We do a testimonial with Garry Barnett and I remember someone came to deliver something at the door. The doorbell rang and he took his glasses off and said, oh, we’ll have to edit that out. I said, no, no we’ll just keep going. Ok, we’re here at Garry Barnett’s and the place is open for business and things are getting delivered. That’s real, it’s not so slick. People really want to connect with what’s real, even when it comes to online video marketing.

It gives you great expert positioning to do videos. It does take a bit of time though. You’ll get more and more comfortable with it the more that you do. The first few that you do are going to be terribly bad. It’s going to be uncomfortable, they’re probably going to look shocking but you’ve just got to get started because video is one of those low hanging fruits.

It just makes things easier for the client. That’s why we have both text and video as well. How more engaging is it to visit a website where there is a video front and centre than it is to read a big long sales letter? It’s just much easier to jump in and you can get those easy rankings that I talked about.

So that’s about it on why and how to do website video marketing for your business. If you want professional help with your online business, I suggest you take a look at my Internet marketing consulting service. Just click here.

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