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Video Transcript: Once you do that, then you just need to promote the heck out of it using effective online marketing solutions. So to do that, the first thing you want to do is have some sort of system to capture names. You can either do it self hosted or you can use third party solutions. Self hosted is probably not the way to go unless you’re going to be a very small business and you’ve only got a small group of clients and you’re not going to grow past a certain point.

Once you start collecting people’s email addresses and then you start broadcasting out, if you’re sending out emails to hundreds and hundreds of people, you’ll find your delivery rate, the amount of emails that actually get through to the end client will decline. People might start to market a spam, your email address can get black listed and then the deliverability drops through the floor.

If you go through third party solutions, things like AWeber or GetResponse or some of the other ones listed on daveapproved.com what you’ll find is the deliverability, because their whole business is built around the idea of whether or not emails are getting delivered or not. Day in, day out, they’re making sure that they stay on the white lists, they’re making sure that it is all approved, they’re making sure that they’re getting the best delivery rate possible.

I would have a look at definitely third party solutions. I’d look at something like AWeber. They make it very simple. All you do is you set up a list. When someone enters their name and email address, the first email that they get sent will be hey, here’s how to download your free report. So I’ll show you the way that actually works in the real world. Basically you want to make them an offer. They’ll land on your website, you make them an offer as in, enter you name and email address to grab this free report. Do a nice graphic, the eyes get attracted to the graphics and then they’ll read the text underneath.

Then you want to make sure that once you’ve done that, like I said, you promote your internet business as much as you can. So you link to it all over your website. Having a look at the way that we do it for Melbourne SEO, I talked about The SEO Manifesto. We can either click here and download which is throughout the site. You can see it’s got a graphic. The eye goes to the graphic and then reads the text below. The text below is a very clear call to action: Click here, enter your details and download and it’s a free SEO report. It’s really quite clear.

Then beneath that, so they’ll watch the video if they’re watching the video on white paper marketing and online video marketing. Underneath this video I think at the end of the video it says, So what to do next? Download The SEO Manifesto. You’ll find all the details underneath this video. Enter your name and email address and we’ll email you the report. So then here, you can see, download your free report now. Name, email, click here to download. See how I’m really telling them what to do. It’s even down to what’s on the button: Click here to download.

Let’s go ahead and just do this. I’m just conscious that if I use an email address, everybody will see when this video becomes a product. Let’s just imagine what it’s like. You’ll click here, you get redirected through to a little form by AWeber that says, hey, go verify your email address. You head over to your email address, log into your email account, click a link to verify your email and then the first message that they get is hey, here’s the link to go download your free report. Then they do that and then they’re into my funnel and then I can start the ongoing marketing for them.

I’ll tell them in that video as well, I tell them that you can unsubscribe at any time. Just enter you name and email details. I’m only going to provide you good value and unsubscribe at any time. I hate spam as much as you do, that’s what I say in just about all my videos. I hate spam just as much as you do so rest assured I’m going to look after your email address.

So that’s about it on how to start your own white paper marketing for your small business. If you want expert help with your online business, I suggest you take a look at my Internet marketing consulting service. Just click here.

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