Do you ever come to Chapel St, Prahran? (if you live in Melbourne that is). You should come visit our new studio… it’s pretty cool. Here’s a photo from Australia’s first Sales Hacker event held here last week:

Sales Hacker event

Is it just me or has the last 3 months gone pretty quickly? It’s been more than a month between sharing some good links! So here are a few SEO articles I spotted worth checking out:

And as for our news…
#1. We’re finally in talks with the printers for Authority Content the book. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know how you can get a free copy.

#2. systemHUB.com is storming ahead. I’ve been getting some amazing feedback and already a few great case studies are starting to build. If you run a business, I strongly recommend checking it out. Here’s the link to the launch webinar replay:

#3. Have you been watching our YouTube account lately? We’re posting lots of new clips from the systemHUB live workshop. They’re free and awesome:

#4. My TEDx talk – I’ve been told there were a few technical challenges with the recordings but these have been resolved and it should be uploaded shortly. Woohoo!

#5. A few recent interviews / webinars with me:
SEMrush webinar: www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-9Yxo02hRk
2016 SEO trends: www.ppcempire.com/dave-jenyns-melbourne-seo-services
Why your SEO isn’t working:

Try SEO quote calculator

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