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Like usual I’ve been keeping an eye out for you and I’ve cherry picked the most important news from the last fortnight. Check it out below:

And how about our news?

      • Curious to know why I told this business coach SEO wasn’t a good idea for him? Visit this link, scroll down and download the audio:
      • And while you’re there, book a “Business Accelerator” session – they’re free and I think you’ll get a lot of value from it.
      • Check out a recent interview with me where I talk about SEO and how to integrate it with your content marketing strategy:
      • Did you miss the webinar I did for SEMrush? “eCommerce SEO – The Top 10 Mistakes Most Store Owners Make” you can see my slide deck here:

    • Are you going to the Traffic & Conversion Summit in Sydney later this week? Me too. Wanna catch up for a drink? Let me know and it’d be good to finally meet in person 😀

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