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Video Transcript: Question: I suppose the question is, would you put an image there that would be more congruent for a click than to click through to the video?

Answer: Do you mean with the video you can choose what image will display?

Question: Yes.

Answer: Yes, Ben does that. I think when you upload a video for YouTube video marketing you have the ability to select which image. It’s always a good idea. People used to do those sneaky things where, because YouTube would select the exact middle moment in a video as the image that was displayed on the video. What people would do is, they would splice in a picture of a sexy girl at the exact centre moment, so that way when Google would display it, it would have the sexy girl and then the chances of getting a higher click through rate because it had the sexy girl when really you would watch it.

That’s the type of thing where if I’d watched that, I would feel cheated because I would say, I was expecting a sexy girl and now I’ve got some fat, middle aged, balding guy telling me that I need to buy an ebook on hemorrhoids. I haven’t met that client actually. I think that’s important though, you want to make sure that you pick the right picture for the purpose of your YouTube video marketing.

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