You do not have to be a pro to edit YouTube videos.

Some new video editing tools just released by the folks at YouTube make it even easier for video-making novices to get their videos looking sharper, snazzier and more professional.

These new browser-based tools won’t be getting professional video producers salivating; but they are aimed at the other 99 % of people out there who don’t have specific video editing software and are not yet in the groove of making professional-quality YouTube videos for their business.

We would hope that if you’ve been following this blog over the past few months you have built up enough knowledge to elevate you above the standard YouTube video-uploader; certainly if you have been through the Lights Camera Profits! DVD then you know more than most.

But it’s good to know that YouTube is recognising the demand for more sophisticated editing tools and bringing them to the table for free.

The New YouTube Editing Tools

The essentials of the new online video editor include:

  • “Quick Fixes” like trimming or rotating the video and removing camera shake
  • Adjust contrast, saturation and color temperature
  • “I’m Feeling Lucky” button makes automatic lighting and colour edits to your video
  • One-click effects such as sepia/old-fashioned/thermal and cartoon
  • Add legal audio content from the YouTube library of free music
  • Save multiple versions of the same video
  • Edit existing videos under 1000 views; if over 1000 views you can create a new version
  • All changes can be undone until saved

How To Access The New Tools

The release of the new editor is staggered so if you don’t see the button available on your account now, keep checking over the coming weeks.

Log into your YouTube account and then go to “Videos” and click on the “edit video” button on the particular video you want to edit.

Alternatively you can go directly there by visiting: Youtube.com/editor; if you are logged in you will see all your videos listed there.

Have a play around and get used to the tools – even some more accomplished video-makers may  find that there are a few good time-saving features on there.

Most videos that are uploaded to YouTube at present have no editing done, so this new editor, while extremely limited, will at least introduce people to the concept of editing and raise the bar of YouTube videos slightly.

Have you used the new video editing tools yet? Let us know your first thoughts and pass on any tips you have below.

More detailed professional video editing tips are, of course, available in the Lights Camera Profit! workshop. Simply click here to learn more about it.

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