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Once upon a time, search engine optimisation (SEO) was merely considered helpful; it was an added bonus and not really necessary. But that fairytale has long ended… now your website (regardless of size) must have basic SEO groundwork implemented for it to be properly indexed and found. Who needs SEO? Everyone with a website. Whether brand new or years old, getting essential SEO injected into your website can (and will!) do a world of good for your rankings, traffic and sales. Now more often than not, most clients look towards our monthly small business seo services packages (since SEO isn’t a one-time-thing) but sometimes in less competitive spaces you might just need an SEO tune up!


Curious To Know More About Our Process?

What’s included?

Our SEO Starter Pack ‘pours the foundation’ for you to build upon and is perfect for any businesses setting up their SEO for the first time. This is the same starting process we offer our regular monthly SEO clients and it includes:

Our 150 Point Website Audit Checklist

Ensuring your website is in tip top condition and setup to ensure maximum rank-ability.

Custom Written Titles & Descriptions

Giving Google exactly what they need, while also maximising “click through” from the SERPs.

Keyword & Competition Research

Identifying your best opportunities to gain quick wins in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Onpage SEO Uploaded

Our expert team will handle all your onpage SEO, making things even easier for you.

Site Mapping & Assigning Keywords

Linking your best keywords to the best pages, ensuring the best message to market match.

Detailed Action Plan

Outlining any issues we found while conducting our audit and how to fix them – quickly and easily.

Why use Melbourne SEO Services?

My expert team hits home-runs time and time again for our clients. Why? Because we’re professionals who live and breathe SEO and more importantly, we live by our team values. At the core, we treat every website and every business like it’s our own… and in this way we apply only the latest best practices that stand the test of time.

How long does it take?
Because of the level of research and customization we’ll need to do, the entire process usually takes 3-4 weeks from your project’s start date. Even though this process follows our internal systems, it is still very “hands on” and takes time since everyone’s website is different. This is another reason why you should only work with a team of trusted experts. The good news is, when completed correctly, often times you might start to see positive results within weeks!
How much does it cost?

The SEO Starter Pack is available for a once-off investment of $1795 (+GST where applicable). Please note: there are a few things that make it hard to apply excellent SEO: things like flash websites, funky CMS systems, 3-page websites, etc. So if you’re keen to take the next step, you’ll first need to chat with a Melbourne SEO Services team member to ensure we’re confident we can help.

Attention eCommmerce, Magento & Large Website Owners:

You’re in luck. We’re one of the few SEO providers that can audit Magento sites too! That said, as you probably already know, Magento is actually a little more complicated and time consuming than your average WordPress audit. For this reason our audit package for Magento sites is a little more expensive too. Typically they’re $2695 (+ GST where applicable) but please click here to enquire further since we’ll want to double check a few things before you order!


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