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How to create 37 pieces of original content without writing a single thing.

Simply get our team to create original, high quality content and publish it to your site over a period of 6 months.

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5 Reasons You Must Create Content


Makes you an authority


Gives value to visitors


Adds another page to the search


Contributes to the greater good


Makes Google like you (a lot!)

5 Reasons You Don't Do It


You don't have the time


You can't think of topics


You're not a professional writer


You don't know how to SEO it


You don't know how to share it

Authority Content ArticlesCreate content and onpage SEO

$ 1,795+GST*

per month for 6 monthsGet Started Today
  • Blog page setup or review** for up to 30 posts, categories, and tags^.
  • Resources/Help page setup or review**
  • Brainstorm up to 7 core topics for you
  • 7 original Authority Content Articles (up to 1,500 words)
  • Up to 30 interlinked blogs (up to 500 words each) to the articles
  • Links, images and SEO added for all articles and blogs we create in this package.
  • All content naturally and gradually published over 6 months
3 Month Program
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* GST where applicable
** Uploading to WordPress sites only.
^For non-WordPress sites, or WordPress sites that have more than the inclusive 30 posts, categories and tags, we will provide suggestions/guidelines for you or your team to setup/fix your blog, category and tags.

Make Google Love You.

Websites that don’t contribute value to their users aren’t rewarded in search. Google loves websites that offer helpful content for its users, so if you provide what searchers are looking for, Google will love you.

But who has time to create content? You run a business. You don’t have time to brainstorm, write, edit, post, and share; but that’s where we come in! Because we offer quality content creation services, we can do all that hard work for you. All you have to do now is just get started!

What does Authority Content Articles look like?

Resources Page

Here’s a live example of a resources page, for our client Coburg Hill Oral Health Care:

Authority Content Article

Here’s a live example of an AC Article on our own website:

Authority Content Blog Post

Here’s a live example of an AC blog post on our own website:

Frequently Asked Questions

Which option should I choose?

Don’t have much (or any) content? Start off with our Authority Content Articles program.

What if you don’t want a full 6-months of Authority Content Articles? That’s okay, you can engage us for our 3-month program here.

Once you have solid content, pick our Authority Content Infographic program to start building quality links back to your site!

When you have good content and quality backlinks, then our Authority Content Video program adds the extra ‘juice’ to increase your online visibility!

What is a "derivative"?

‘Derivatives’ is the term our team use when we create off-page content that is “derived” from an initial source. For example, either an infographic or video would be the initial source. We take the content from that source, splice and dice it into different formats, then re-purpose (publish and share) them across the web. Derivatives is essentially a really high quality and helpful form of off-page SEO – which creates solid links back to your website.

What kind of business needs this?

Every kind! Whether you’re a small business or a large company, creating content is a “must” in order to be in the search ranking game. However, we’ve found that our Authority Content Articles programs work exceptionally well for Franchisors, people who have multiple businesses, and for almost ever business owner who knows they should be creating content but have no time to do it!

What else is this good for?

Other than creating high quality links back to your website (off-page SEO), our program creates a great user experience through helpful content, as well as gives them – and you! – something to share to your email list and on your social platforms. When you share with your audience every time we publish new content, your followers, clients, and leads will see you as the ‘go to’ people in you industry who aren’t just experts – but experts who share their knowledge!

So it’s a win-win for everyone. A win for you. A win for your SEO. A win for Google. A win for your users. And a win for your business.

What happens after this?

It depends on what you need! Once you’re done with our Authority Content campaign, let’s chat to work something out that will suit your needs and your budget.

Do you work on non-Wordpress sites?

Yes! But if you have non-Wordpress website, we’ll still do all the work but your website developer will need to create and publish the onpage articles/pages/videos/etc.

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What our clients say

We’re proud of what we do as online marketing specialists in Melbourne, helping businesses achieve authority in their niches through original content creation and smart SEO.

Why use Melbourne SEO Services?

Our expert team hits home-runs time and time again for our clients. Why? Because we’re professionals who live and breathe SEO and more importantly, we live by our team values. At the core, we treat every website and every business like it’s our own… and in this way we apply only the latest best practices that stand the test of time.