The Astonishing Secrets Of A Stock Market Entrepreneur… Who Mastered The Internet & Now Helps Businesses (Like Yours) Make More Money With His Proven System.

We could say…

“Melbourne SEO Services is a leading Australian search engine optimisation (SEO) company providing services tailored to our clients’ unique business needs. We assist clients across the business sector from small businesses to large corporations. Blah Blah Blah…”

You’ve heard all that before right?

But our story isn’t quite so typical… we never set out to become one of Australia’s leading SEO companies. It kind of just happened. And after 9 years of research we are proud to deliver our transparent 4 stage SEO strategy that connects our clients (you) with an avalanche of new clients. Click here to find out more.

Watch the video below to hear our story…

So here’s the story of how we got to where we are today.

One Of Our Products

One of our stock market education products.

Like you, we got into business to help people… to add value to their lives. And back then ‘we’ were just an ‘I’.

David Jenyns (a successful entrepreneur in his own right – click here to read his complete bio) had a range of stock market education products. He soon realised that anyone could have the best products in the world but unless someone knows they’re there, they’re not really worth anything.

Passionate about helping people, passionate about business, and passionate about marketing – Dave began 9 long years of self-study. He wanted to learn everything he could about marketing, from product launches to press releases to direct mail. Being a fan of cutting edge technologies, it was only a matter of time ‘til Dave turned his attention to marketing online.

In the early days, Dave blazed his own trail, educating himself from the ground up. Back then there wasn’t the plethora of information that’s available today. Dave had to learn it the hard way, through the school of hard knocks.

He got to work learning how to build his first website using Dreamweaver. Once complete, he wondered how on earth he was going to get people to visit it. He soon realised it wasn’t enough to “build it and they will come”.

Unfortunately, as mentioned, there wasn’t any easily accessible information on how to drive visitors to your website. Instead, Dave had to start testing hundreds of different methods to find what worked. He tried ezine advertising, articles, press releases, banner ads, black hat SEO and that’s just the start. Chances are if you can think of a traffic source, Dave’s tested it.

Overall, Dave will tell you he’s found more traffic sources that don’t work, than do.

Then he figured it out! He began to understand SEO. From that moment, almost every website he worked on was profitable practically from day one. Quite simply, he was focusing on what worked!

Like an overnight success (6 years in the making!) Dave started to hit the ‘home runs’. He was dominating his niche, the stock market, taking #1 positions on Google left, right and centre. As you can imagine, Dave started to gain quite a lot of attention – especially in the media.


Dave interviewed @ Fox FM

Sidenote: Dave’s always been entrepreneurial, watch him (below) on the Today Show and see how he sold the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) – imagine what impact this “out of the box” thinking could have on your business.

Back to our story…

Then it was his colleagues asking how he managed to knock them off Google then it was friends of friends who wanted help with their websites. Dave helped as best as he could, but things started to become unmanageable. Not only was he building his own successful business in the stock market, he was also helping many others do the same in their niche.

By this point Dave already had a small team helping grow his companies. Being knee deep in business, the last thing he ever thought of doing was running an SEO company… But after repeated requests for his services, and his team all pushing for it, the call became too great. He and the team decided to get into the SEO game. Thus the ‘I’ became a ‘we’.

Our original SEO system.

Our original SEO ranking system.

But before we even thought about opening the doors to our clients, we wanted to ensure we knew what we were doing. Sure, we had dominated the ‘stock market’ niche but we wanted to see just how far we could take it. Being testing maniacs, and not wanting to offer anything but the best, Dave and his team built a system for promoting websites.

After 14 months of testing on 583 different domains, guess what?! We proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, this stuff works!

With all that testing now behind us, it’s now with great pleasure we introduce Melbourne SEO Services. Probably the world’s best SEO company. Click here to find out what we can do for you and your business.

We’ll See You At The Top!

If you’re looking for some help and easy answers regarding SEO you might want to check out our SEO FAQs.

Ps. Thought you might also like to watch a short presentation I did tell a little more about my path to becoming an entrepreneur. Watch it below.

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Andre May 23, 2010 at

Hi Guys,

We are about to launch a new web site with roughly 60,000 pages of content and are looking for advice on SEO before we let our web designer do this for us.

Kind regards


David Jenyns May 25, 2010 at

Hi Andre,

There’s three ways I’d suggested you could go from here.

#1. Purchase a copy of my course and do it yourself.
#2. Employ our services and we’ll do it for you :)
#3. Hire me as a consultant.

The third option is rather new and we’re just putting the final details of how this’ll work. Contact our support via: and I’m sure we can work something out.

Your SEO coach,
David Jenyns

Gary Cooper July 11, 2010 at

Hi David,
You have a lot of great tips at ezinearticles. I signed up as a affiliate in your sitesell course Thanks! gary

Michael September 13, 2010 at

Good Day, I am contacting you to see if you require a SEO sub contractor. I have developed many websites and currently have tens of thousands of #1 organic positions i Google and Yahoo. I have created 16 ways to optimize and my system is are all white hat. No game just hard work. My project currently consist of 1.6 million pages and I have just introduced a program that will allow us to expand to some 750 million pages by the end of the year. If you are interested in my services please feel free to contact me any time.

Best Regards
Michael Berg

Sandy McDonald September 17, 2010 at

Andre, the SEOmethod is worth every cent, if you want to understand how to dominate your niche in the search engines long-term. Sandy

David Jenyns September 23, 2010 at

Gary: Cheers :)

Michael: Thanks for the offer however we’ve got our own propriety methods and as such we handle everything in house. I’m sure you’re system works great… it’s just not right for us. We offer our clients a very unique service.

Sandy: Thanks!!

Your SEO Coach,
David Jenyns

aedwin austin March 3, 2011 at

We are about to launch a new web site,and we are looking for advice on SEO before we let our web designer do this for us.

Ryan March 6, 2011 at

Hi Aedwin, I would recommend that you check out That should give you a good start on what it is that you need to know about how to SEO your site.

Michael Mccabe July 20, 2011 at

My dealings so far with David have been excellent, he has been most helpful in clearing up many questions and problems I’ve come across.

Its very good to know there’s someone to help.
Thanking you

Abdula Hameed July 21, 2011 at

I’m so pleased to read your emails from time to time, each time they carry a good hint or idea. I’m still in the learning process and lucky me to have an expert guy like you to learn from.

Dave, thanks for every effort you did and still do in order to spread the knowledge among the group.

Sreya Kumari November 21, 2011 at

Hello Sir
I am Interested in your work Please Contact mi my Email id

Kind regards

Sreya Kumari

Grace Maghanoy November 22, 2011 at

Hi Sreya. How about you send us a ticket? You can reach us here:

Susan Riegg MD July 12, 2012 at


Thank you so very much….I have been listening to David’s Crusher videos for the past few days…please let him know that his teaching is LIFE CHANGING….the guy is absolutely brilliant, I am going to want to watch every video and listen to every audio that he has ever made (audio is my preferred method for learning). And currently on You Tube, that is approximately 665 videos! Love love love David!!

P.S. I originally found David from watching all of the Market Samurai videos on iTunes….

Martin Siegfried December 1, 2012 at

Hi David,

I have known you and have done business with you for more than 10 years now. During all those years you have always provided top notch service to me, addressing my questions in detail and often far beyond what one could reasonably expect from you. And may I add, most of the time for free too! Your professional service and approach concerning client issues can be recommended to anyone and you certainly can count on my support whenever you need it.


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