Have You Ever Wondered How The Whole SEO Process Works? Read this.

Unlike many SEO and online marketing companies, we don’t pretend that search engine optimization process is mysterious – far from it. We just follow our proven, transparent ’4 Stage SEO System’.

Here’s how it works.

Stage 1. Keyword & Market Research

Every successful SEO campaign starts with good research. We work with your existing knowledge, and ours, to fully understand your online market landscape. The aim here is to identify the top keywords that represent the best opportunities for your industry. They need to have the right balance between competition, number of searches and commercial value.

To find out more about the research stage, watch the video below:

Stage 2. Website Optimisation

Having identified the best keywords to target, we now need to ensure Google sees your website as a good search match for those keywords. To do this we’ll put your keywords in all the right places on your website (otherwise known as “onpage optimisation”). Our process will maximize the efficiency of each page on your website.

To find out more about onpage optimisation, watch the video below:

Stage 3. Link Building

Arguably the most important stage in any SEO campaign, link building is how we make your website more popular. Simply put, we want to get as many links to your website, using your targeted keywords, and from a good range of high quality sources (including our own exclusive network).

To find out more about link building, watch the video below:

Stage 4. Site Reporting & Ongoing SEO

The fact is, you can’t improve what you don’t measure and that’s why we suggest you measure everything! Unlike many traditional marketing methods, with SEO you are able to get a very clear, measurable result for your efforts.

You are able to see the following: where you appear on Google, unique visitors, actual pages visited, length of stay and of course, what your customers are buying. And that’s just the beginning…

To find out more about website analysis, watch the video below:

Additional SEO Strategies

Once you start to see the benefits of a successful SEO campaign it can become very addictive. This is when you may look to other internet marketing strategies (we’re more than just SEO experts). We can look at Google Maps optimisation, press releases, viral marketing campaigns and more.

Please note: We offer these strategies as stand alone services, but recommend starting with one of our SEO packages first. These services are most effective as complementary strategies to our core services.

For more information, watch this video:

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