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that go beyond simple coaching”
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And a few of our own rankings…

We’ve ranked over 583 domain names while perfecting our ’4 Stage SEO Strategy’ and, as you can imagine, we’ve learnt quite a bit along the way. If the above testimonials are anything to go by, we’re doing something right! If you’re still not convinced, here are a few more screenshots and testimonials to demonstrate we know what we’re doing.

Before the ‘I’ became a ‘we’ in the Melbourne SEO Services story, David Jenyns made waves in the trading niche.  His prominence in the search engines gave him the competitive edge over other trading coaches online.

Watch the video below to find out more behind Dave’s high profile in the world of trading:

And then came Melbourne SEO Services. Watch the video below to see how we rocketed to the top almost overnight…

Here’s a few extra audio interviews with some people who use our SEO Services:

George Germanos
George Germanos – www.alliancesoftware.com.au
Click here to download the MP3.
Evan Rubenstein
Evan Rubenstein – www.actioncoach.com/evanrubenstein
Click here to download the MP3.

Jeff Gardner – www.motorhomes.com.au
Click here to download the MP3.

Piotr Dancewicz – www.goodgood.com.au
Click here to download the MP3.

Jason Hart, Melbourne Ceremonies – www.melbourneceremonies.com
Click here to download the MP3.

Karine Hart, Melbourne Ceremonies – www.melbourneceremonies.com
Click here to download the MP3.

Steve Russo, Sydney Tint Solutions – www.sydneytint.com.au
Click here to download the MP3.


And if that wasn’t enough, here are some case studies with some of my consulting clients…

“I am lucky enough to have been involved with David from the start.  His continuous enthusiasm, and drive to be the best he can be, has resulted in one of the soundest, most admirable, positive, and successful people I know.  It has also inevitably resulted in him adopting a thorough and above all honest approach to everything business-related he does (which in this day-in-age, is a breath of fresh air).

Through David’s mentoring, I have learned the key methods to enable our websites to reach the top of Google, and as a result, we have completely ceased all of our traditional advertising methods, and as such, have saved a significant amount of funds.  Most relevantly, through implementing David’s sound techniques, the traffic we have generated by far exceeds the amount we were able to get through the various traditional methods of advertising.

For literally any business, I whole-heartedly recommend David’s services, as they give you the opportunity to reach a global audience practically overnight, at a fraction of the price of other advertising methods.  And most importantly, you can be certain that you are in good hands, as David and his team are the most trustworthy, ethical group of people I have ever been privileged to know.

Thanks again David and co., you’ve allowed me to realize all my business dreams, and have removed the most annoying (but essential!) component of business – generating customers.  Thankfully now, I can focus on the parts of business I love doing most, and rest assured that David and co. will take care of the rest.”

Adam Claydon-Platt
Director – boobooSKI Pty. Ltd.
477 Punt Rd South Yarra VIC 3141 AUSTRALIA

“To be honest, I was a bit sceptical coming into this because I didn’t really understand what SEO was. I knew our website wasn’t appearing on google, but I wasn’t sure why, or what could be done about it.

Melbourne SEO Services was recommended to me through a friend, and I agreed to give them a go. Now that more than a year has passed, I can say without a doubt, it was the best decision I made for my online store!  I say that with ease because, within the past 12 months, the sales have increased by 62%!

I’m really proud that my website now appears #1 on google for hundreds of keywords (I like to check every now and then myself – and am always pleased to see my site continuing to top the pages!). With well over 1,000 new visitors every day, combined with my continued relationship with Melbourne SEO Services, I’m expecting to easily exceed last year’s sales!

We tested a lot of other marketing methods in the past, but none came close to matching the success we’ve experienced with Melbourne SEO Services! Their team is helpful, knowledgable, and – last but not least – one of the major driving factors as to why my online store is growing exponentially..without any signs of slowing!

If you have an online business, I can only say: What are you waiting for? Melbourne SEO Services is the best of the best!”

Director – Planet13.com.au
Level 3, Greensborough Plaza Shopping Centre, Main Street, Greensborough, VIC

“Firstly David is just that rare person, a truly excellent teacher. It is clear that he not only
knows what he is teaching but trusts it implicitly to work because he has tried and tested it
hundreds of times.”
Click here to download the full PDF testimonial.

Sandy McDonald
Director – Chameleon IP Pty Ltd
PO Box 49 Ivanhoe VIC 3079 Australia


Still looking for more proof? Check out this amazing client case studies.

Click here for more Melbourne SEO Services client case studies

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Lesley Komlos December 7, 2009 at

this is awesome – and it’s great to see a fellow Australian doing this stuff so well.

Ryan Malone December 14, 2009 at

What I have gained from watching his videos on YouTube, that in itself is already invaluable, and has set me on a positive path. I sleep, eat, and breathe SEO myself at the moment as I am in the learning stages, and what I have learned from David at this point is unsurpassed. Clearly, someone who knows what he is doing and is good at what he does.

Andrew Wheeler September 23, 2010 at

Hi David,

Just checked out your Youtube videos after the comment from Ryan above. What equipment are you using to shoot and (video and audio) the videos you do?

Many thanks and keep up the good work


David Jenyns September 23, 2010 at

Hey Andrew,

Thanks for the email. It really depends…

If it’s live at a workshop we get it professionally recorded. If it’s at our studio we just use Sony HandyCam and a wireless bluetooth mic. If it’s screen capture it’s usually screenflow or camtasia and a logitech headset or a snowball mic.

If you’re keen to see how we do video we’re actually running a one day workshop in a couple of weeks – find out more here: http://www.smallbizinternetmarketing.com.au . If you’re unable to catch that, we’ll be recording the event and it’ll come out as a homestudy course at some point. Thanks for your interest!

Your SEO Coach,
Dave Jenyns

Adam Gottlieb October 7, 2010 at

Hi There,

Can you help us BOOST our SEO rankings? What budget do we need for this?



David Jenyns October 8, 2010 at

Hi Adam,

I’m sure we can help – best you contact our support team via http://www.davidjenyns.com/support and we can come up with a game plan for you.

That said, our packages start at around $3000 for 3 months worth of work. Please note: we don’t lock you into any contracts since we believe in this period we can prove our worth :)

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Your SEO Coach,
David Jenyns

Suresh Jogia November 29, 2010 at

I have been in business for more than 20 years. During this period I have come across all sorts of people and majority of them, particularly business people, look for a method to “get one up on you”. One can’t help but to form a view of “standard business person”. There are always exceptions, and my opinion is that you are a very pleasant exception to the rule of a standard business man.

There are marketing methods, and there are marketing methods. Your approach is the one that is certainly a very preferable one. With your concern on wanting to deliver correct product, rather than maximise sales, is very touching.

You are the type of person that I would feel very relaxed to do the business, knowing full well that I will get good value for the money.

Dave Jenkins January 11, 2011 at

I think Suresh is looking for the word ethical or moral. It’s very nice to see!

Stuart February 21, 2011 at

Hey Dave – you have some great SEO testimonials here, keep up the good work! :-)

Mark Ketting April 8, 2011 at

You tube is now the second largest search engine (of sorts) and with the new (again) relevanc being given to social media it is a great way to increase visibility and profile online. All good amunition online.

Nice video.

Jarod Ulrich May 1, 2011 at

Not to pick a fight David but aren’t you one of the owners of Planet 13 or at least intimately involved from a financial stand point with the business? My business information searches lead me to believe that you and Planet 13′s relationship is more than just a client / service provider one….. please correct me if I’m wrong because honestly i would love to use your services but i have been ripped off in the past so am a bit careful these days. I would appreciate it if you posted you response here rather than emailed me directly.

David Jenyns May 1, 2011 at

Hey Jarod,

Thanks for asking, I really appreciate the question since I’m big on transparency. Yup, I’m a part owner in that business and you’ll find I reference that site a bit. I’m not actually involved in the day to day running of it but my company Melbourne SEO Services handels most of their online marketing.

I also reference the successes of some of my other businesses too on this page – particularly in the stock market niche. I do this by design since primarily we do SEO on our own businesses first :)

We do take on external clients (and you can see many of their results on this page) but we’re very particular about those we work with. We only work with clients we know we’re going to get a great result for and that we’ll enjoy working with.

Please keep digging deeper till you have proved to yourself I’m the real deal and if you’ve got any other questions fire away – I’m an open book.

You SEO Coach,
Dave Jenyns

Zeeshan October 31, 2011 at

Hi Dave Jenyns,
I saw your some videos and you’re really great SEO coach. you have great expertise on SEO and SEM. I would like to work with you. can i talk with you privately and how. Thanks

best regards

Grace Maghanoy October 31, 2011 at

Hi Zeeshan. You can contact Dave by sending him a ticket through our support portal. Just go to http://www.davesupports.com/

John bertrand November 1, 2011 at

Sounds all great to us.

Madeleine Senior July 1, 2012 at

SEO is obviously a word that meant nothing to me six months ago, but it means a lot more to me now. If somebody was asking me who they should use, because there are other hundreds of companies out there, I had other companies contacting me to see if the could do our SEO, I just found that Melbourne SEO have done it the simplest, made it as easy for me to understand as possible and I would recommend them to anybody.

As I said, it’s taken them six months to get us to the top of almost every page that we need to be. It’s really working for us, it’s really bringing in some really good clients.

Eugene Soh October 29, 2012 at

Hey Dave,

I just saw your client testimonial video with David. Good on you for doing it.

FYI – these are the real reasons why we went with you…

1. Ranking – of course being at the top of SEO-related searches was a key criteria.

2. Availability – we needed a Melbourne-based SEO partner + someone at the top that we could meet with face-to-face (not an Account Manager).

3. Ability – I anonymously called a number of your references, all had glowing reports. One was a small trade business who put your SEO training into practice and has consistently ranked higher than his much larger-sized national competitors for a number of years now – at conferences they always ask him “How?” given their huge SEO budgets, but of course he NEVER reveals that your techniques are his Secret Weapon :)

4. White Hat – after working for a short time in another SEO company with dodgy practices + in light of recent Google updates, I needed a SEO partner that operated above board. So many organisations unknowingly use unscrupulous SEO agencies and are being/will be penalised for it.

5. Other Support & Ideas – having been in the IM space for a while, I had come across you before + know you are serious about what you do + have implemented a great many things which most businesses really do not have a grip on. Outside of SEO, amongst other things, you have helped us with the way we have grown our offshore team, as well how we leverage Video and we are most appreciative of this.

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