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Small Biz Internet Marketing DVD's

The complete system we use with our clients.

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$197 *
* plus GST where applicable

Here’s what’s inside the Small Biz Internet Marketing Workshop Digital Membership…

  • 4 sessions containing the professional recordings from the one day workshop.
  • Bonus section with:
    • mp3 recordings of the workshop
    • complete transcripts
    • 5+ hours of extra interviews from leading industry experts
  • Workbook containing all the slides and extra training material given to the original workshop attendees.
  • $100 cash voucher for any other Melbourne SEO Services product or service.

Here’s what’s covered on the digital course:

  • Session 1. The exact step-by-step internet marketing strategies system we use with our clients, who pay thousands of dollars every month – with this information you can turn your website into a profit-making machine. (1hr and 14mins)
  • Session 2. How to improve your website’s conversion and have more of your prospects pick up the phone and place an order – don’t you want to know the secret? (35mins)
  • Session 3. How to turn on an instant flood of highly targeted leads to your website using Google AdWords – most people miss this and for the few that are doing it, they’re over spending. (45mins)
  • Session 4. Discover the search engine optimisation (SEO) method we use to get our clients #1 on Google for hundreds of keywords – this alone is worth the price of the entire package. (54mins)
  • Session 5. How to get your website #1 on Google Places and how to best use Twitter and Facebook – most businesses get this wrong, yet it’s absolutely critical for any small business. (44mins)
  • Session 6. How to use email automation to have your website selling 24 hours a day – it’s easier than you think and is guaranteed to reduce your workload. (30mins)
  • Session 7. The quickest and easiest way to become a market leader by using the power of publicity – make your business the name on everyone’s lips and have new clients beating a path to your door. (45mins)
  • Session 8. How to use video and YouTube to super charge your online marketing – this is one of the easiest ways to succeed online, yet most people don’t understand it. (48mins)

And that’s just the start. In total there’s over 6 hours of solid content and that’s not including the bonuses. The fact is, we could easily charge $2000+ for this course, especially when you consider what live attendees paid or that we charge $3000, minimum, to work with a client. But you won’t have to pay that much.

What’s your investment?

The Small Biz Internet Marketing Digital Membership comes at a one time investment of only $197 (+ GST where applicable) – and that gets you everything you need to have your website dominating online.

Our guarantee.

We guarantee, if you follow our step-by-step internet marketing strategies system, you’ll double the number of highly qualified leads (at minimum) coming to your business over the next 3 months or your money back. The fact is we know this stuff works and if you don’t think it’s worth it, for any reason, just let us know within 90 days and we’ll give you your money back. We can’t be any fairer than that.

What to do now.

Whether you’re in Australia or anywhere else in the world, go ahead and place your order below and we’ll mail you your membership access details asap – it’ll be one of the smartest investment decision you’ll ever make.

$197 *
* plus GST where applicable

Client Feedback.

Still not sure? Here’s what some of the workshop attendees had to say about the day.


“Someone that’s obviously been there and done it…” – Jason Hart

“These guys are really smart…” – Ryan Spanger

“It’s great to learn from people that know what they’re talking about…” – Craig Kirby

“They make a dark art, transparent…” – Jeff Gardner

“A mind-blowing experience of knowledge…” – Michael Hall

And one more…

Questions? http://www.davesupports.com/ to contact us – we’re here to help.

Ps. Here are a few photos from the day…

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Ian Howard July 1, 2012 at

I’ve been to a couple of presentations by David and Pete before. They’ve always been excellent and I’m always one of the first ones to book in when they introduce another one.

Dave and Pete I think have got a problem because each workshop or seminar they do is a cut above the previous one. So they’re now creating a problem, where do they go from there? They’ve just lifted the lid on the last sessions. Now they’re really going to have to work hard to get one better.

I like their presentation style. It’s not spruiking or a sales fest, it’s really a conversation. So it’s like they’re talking to each individual in the room. It’s not a big crowd. It’s a crowd of people who are dedicated to learn what they’ve got to say. As I say, it’s just a conversation with them. You can interact with them very simply. 

They’re always there available in the breaks. They’re probably the best in the small business market.

Katey Shaw July 1, 2012 at

Dave and Pete as presenters are quite the awesome. They’re people and I’ve heard of them before from other people because I’m quite in the online guru world. When I deal with online gurus, a lot of people hold them at a higher level than themselves, but they’re just people. They can relate to you just as anyone else.

If I ever got hold of this program I would resell it, it’s just pure gold, it’s content. There’s no waffle, it’s just pure content.

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