Step-By-Step Internet Marketing Strategies You Can Follow.

The complete system we use with our clients.

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Here’s what you’ll get when you order…

  • 4 sessions containing the professional recordings from the one day workshop.
  • mp3 recordings of the workshop
  • complete transcripts
  • 5+ hours of extra interviews from leading industry experts
  • Workbook containing all the slides and extra training material given to the original workshop attendees.
  • $100 cash voucher for any other Melbourne SEO Services product or service.


What’s covered in the digital course:

Session 1
The exact step-by-step internet marketing strategies system we use with our clients, who pay thousands of dollars every month – with this information you can turn your website into a profit-making machine. (1hr and 14mins)
Session 2
How to improve your website’s conversion and have more of your prospects pick up the phone and place an order – don’t you want to know the secret? (35mins)
Session 3
How to turn on an instant flood of highly targeted leads to your website using Google AdWords – most people miss this and for the few that are doing it, they’re over spending. (45mins)
Session 4
Discover the search engine optimisation (SEO) method we use to get our clients #1 on Google for hundreds of keywords – this alone is worth the price of the entire package. (54mins)
Session 5
How to get your website #1 on Google Places and how to best use Twitter and Facebook – most businesses get this wrong, yet it’s absolutely critical for any small business. (44mins)
Session 6
How to use email automation to have your website selling 24 hours a day – it’s easier than you think and is guaranteed to reduce your workload. (30mins)
Session 7
The quickest and easiest way to become a market leader by using the power of publicity – make your business the name on everyone’s lips and have new clients beating a path to your door. (45mins)
Session 8
How to use video and YouTube to super charge your online marketing – this is one of the easiest ways to succeed online, yet most people don’t understand it. (48mins)

And that’s just the start. In total there’s over 6 hours of solid content and that’s not including the bonuses. The fact is, we could easily charge $2000+ for this course on internet marketing strategies for small business, especially when you consider what live attendees paid or that we charge $3000, minimum, to work with a client. But you won’t have to pay that much.


What the attendees had to say:

“Someone that’s obviously been there and done it…” – Jason Hart

“These guys are really smart…” – Ryan Spanger

“It’s great to learn from people that know what they’re talking about…” – Craig Kirby

“They make a dark art, transparent…” – Jeff Gardner

“A mind-blowing experience of knowledge…” – Michael Hall

And one more…

Photos from the day…

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