Small Business SEO And More Panda Updates

by David Jenyns

Ok, I know I’m running behind a few days but there are just so many things to keep us busy…

Here’s the Small Business Internet Marketing Weekly where we summarise news and helpful links for small/medium sized business owners.

Lots of interesting things happening this week for those working on their small business SEO: ====

52 search quality highlights {great insight into Google}

Google forcing G+ down our throats {embrace it, they’re not letting go}

Perfecting on page seo for ecommerce {some good tips here}

Ecommerce spending {the trend is your friend}

Amazing ‘Your story’ style video {you need this in your business}

YouTube videos for hire {the death of video stores?}


Also, I’m thinking we need a new section just for Panda 😉 – here are the important Panda/Penguin news I spotted:

Google Penguin update impact of anchor text diversity

How to survive Google’s unnatural link warnings

Penguin update, ways to recover and negative seo

Panda, Penguin and the state of SEO {my update if you missed it}


And one more thing while I remember it, we just completed some really smart marketing for one of our clients using QR codes. They loved it and the results have been awesome!

I thought you’d like to watch this to see what we did:

Pretty smart eh?

Also, have you been hit by Penguin/Panda? Want a personal action plan so you know how to get back in Google’s good books? I’m offering an audit/advice service. It’s $799 – just contact us if you’re interested.

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