David Jenyns Michael Gerber shaking hands

Me shaking hands with Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth.

Are you back into the swing of things for 2017?

Sorry I dropped off the grid for a couple of months there! I was knee deep in the Michael Gerber (author of the E-Myth) launch, trip to the Philippines, trip to the USA and then before I knew it, it was the holidays.

I just started back earlier in the week and I wanted to reach out. I’ve been asking myself a few questions and I thought you might find them helpful…

If you were to rebuild your company from the ground up…

What would you change? What would you do differently?

It’s important to always question the way you’re currently doing things and the assumptions you’ve made. Why are you doing things the way you’re doing them?

More often than not, as business owners, we do things because we’ve just fallen into it. It’s something that’s grew organically… we were reacting in the moment, rather than executing a strategic plan.

While that’s worked up till now, it’s time to step things up. In 2017, it’s my wish for you to be more strategic and more systematic in your approach to building your business.

Let’s start with your 2017 strategic marketing plan – take this quick quiz:

Here’s to an epic 2017.

David Jenyns
Director, Melbourne SEO & Video

Also, if you’re curious how the whole Michael Gerber book launch went… in short, it was amazing, better than I could have hoped for! Had thousands of sales, topped the Amazon charts and we even sold out of a “print on demand book” – I did’t even know that was possible! What an experience and honour to be asked to work with Michael and his team. For me, it was another reminder that Melbourne SEO & Video is seen as worldclass.

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