I had the chance to have a chat with Australia’s leading authority on Google Adwords strategies recently.

That’s Mike Rhodes from www.websavvy.com.au and he had some very interesting tips for pay per click campaigns, which you can implement in your business straight away for some quick returns.

Following are his top three tips.

1. Control Who Sees Your Search Ads

The default setting when you set up your Google Adwords campaign is for “broad match keywords” which mean your ads will be shown often, but will not be very targeted.

This can prove expensive if your ad is being shown to people that are not really your target market – they may click and cost you money but never buy.

You can combat this by putting a “plus” sign in front of every keyword to make them “modified broad match keywords.” This means you get more control over who sees your ads.

For example, maybe your ad is showing to people all around Australia, but your target market is just people in your city or state. If your ad is not targeted at the right people you may be wasting 70 or 80% of your Adwords budget.

Another tip related to this is to choose for your ads to show just on the search network, where people are actually searching for products and services; when you set up an Adwords campaign Google defaults to your ad appearing both on search and the display network. The latter is for browsing blogs etc. and will rarely get you buyers; so set up your campaign just for the search network.

2. Use Re-Marketing Or Re-Targeting

Re-marketing is a very cost-effective way to get some quick and easy wins for your business.

When visitors come to your website they may be interested in your product or service but, for one reason or another, they don’t buy anything or contact you again.

Re-marketing allows you to track your visitors using cookies and know where they go after leaving your website. Effectively their details go onto an invisible list and you can re-contact them.

It is usually easier to market to someone who is already familiar with your website, so it gives you a database of “warm” leads to work with a second time.

With display ads you normally pay per 1000 times your ad shows, but the re-marketing list is free to use and you can choose to only pay when somebody clicks through to your site – so there is no wasted cost.

3. Tap Into Mobile Ads

Target the right people who should see your ads.

Mobile is the single biggest area of potential for Internet marketers; because usage of tablets and mobile devices like smartphones has sky-rocketed in the past year, the numbers of Internet users accessing from these devices has grown from a couple of percent a year ago to around 10% now.

Be it iPad, iPhone or Android users, your business needs to get in front of this huge audience before the rest of the businesses in your market do. There is a “window of opportunity” now because so few businesses are using mobile-focused Internet ads.

The “click to call” ads mean smartphone users see a clickable phone number link that can take them straight through to your business where your sales staff can talk them through the sale. You can set these ads up so you only pay when someone clicks your phone number, so they are very cost effective.

Start applying these adwords strategies in your business today for some quick results; why not let us know how you get on with them by adding a comment below.

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